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    the sticks of eastern iowa..where the sheep are scared to death !!

    Rip Rick Risinger

    So sorry to hear.. RIP

    FE Tunnel

    Finally got my motor in, got the entire outdrive assembled and bolted on.. Starting the electronics this weekend hopefully. If the weather stays good here should have it in the water Monday.

    FE Tunnel

    Thank you guys

    FE Tunnel

    Guys i have been out of boats for about 5 or so years now, getting my feet wet agian and have a few electric boats and while fun I really love my tunnel hulls. So I recently aquired one from Darin Jordan and have a OS leg,a 2000kv 6 pole motor, 120 amp esc, and the capability to build this. But i am not certian on prop.. thinking of maybe X442 Or Grimracer 42x55 ?? Any ideas on that subject and I must ask a beginner question because i have forgotten...do you lower prop deeper into the water to loosen or raise it above the bottom of the rear ? Thank you all in advance and once this is sorted and I am running a good boat again, My spring plans call for a Rigger on 8s with a large powerplant so I am sure I will have lots of future questions.

    lots of boat stuff left ..wanting to sell

    HYDRO JUNKIE. I have several cards of blue plugs still 12 on each card still for sale. Rick your prop left today..been working a lot of ot at my day job...enjoy and we will call the deal done at that. Terry

    lots of boat stuff left ..wanting to sell

    I do not have a cowl anymore for it...are you completely stupid?,or do you think I'm gonna buy you one..I told you send it back ill refund you and be done with this . If you will not do that then I do not know what to tell you . Thump your chest on here all you want..told you I can sell it to someone who is not a pain in the ass like you. Send it back and you will get your money back. There is no cowl left!! Like I also said..and have the emails you wanted the rigger kit and that is what you got. Did not see the ad till you brought it to my attention ..and you never said a word about it to me till you got it...you want a prop to shut you up? If not send it back...I'm done with this and you!!

    lots of boat stuff left ..wanting to sell

    File a claim then and send it back..I have no problem selling it to a person that wants it..

    lots of boat stuff left ..wanting to sell

    Guess I need to update my for sale page...as half the stuff is sold..as for Ron Jefferson we had a deal and he wanted something for nothing...I don't do that so he tells Jeff Moore I'm a "Dick" to deal with costing me a sale and keeping a so called friend from a great de al...his loss.. anyhow Rick I have a buyer for the rigger so ship it to him after he pays you what you paid and I will issue you a refund for your shipping if you are not happy...like I said old ad and that part of the deal cannot be filled..or if you choose a paypal complaint you can lose money by shipping it back to me ..your choice. Terry 563-343-9618

    lots of boat stuff left ..wanting to sell

    I love hearing second hand after responding to you...I told you I'd look for it and I did...and Ron Jefferson what is your comment supposed to mean? This is one reason I got out...too much back stabbing..this ad is over a year old and I have got rid of a lot of stuff. Rick you were shipped what you wanted ..I shipped you a rigger kit what you asked for..be a man and get ahold of me before attempting to drag me through the mudhole..ill see if I have a box of tissues to send you if that will make you feel better.

    lots of boat stuff left ..wanting to sell

    im here ... found out how to get my password back the hard way..lol anyhow you can reach me at my new email at kellyfabrication20@yahoo.com , thanks guys i have some stuff left, sold a rigger kit to rick and have a o/b gas tunnel left and servos, fuel line, props and parts..thanks !! terry

    my email was hacked

    i would like to extend appoligies to anyone who was hit by any spam from me..it is tough to appoligise for what hackers do...but i guess it was my email attatched to it. sorry all have a great day and i hope whatever it was did not do any damage to your computers or programs . thank you. chris wood notified me late yesterday and i tried to get on and could not .. terry kelly

    WTB Carbon Fiber .063/ 1/16 sheet

    i will see what i have.. i belive i have about that much and i also have some 1/8 tk
  13. hey bud i was not slandering you..crucifying you..whatever your thoughts are..i was basicly taking a stab at the rules directors and some of the guys that have never had their designs passed through impba rules directions..namely one design a guy in ohio makes that is a fantastic design , and a few others out there..but the point being unless your one of the guys that are friends..both you and i know that that can get you a long way in this world.. i did my homework on my design and yes it was fast..sometimes too loose, but that is part of design process..I am not cheap shoting you so please don't let your attitude toward me for whatever reason it is like that, get in the way of compliments on your work..you build very nice stuff and i admit quality work when i see it.. we used to get along, not sure what happened but i know it didn't come from my end..i was merely making a comment that was not directed at you, sorry you decided to take it that way.. but i will tell you this as i said in my post .. very nice looking boat ..keep it up you do well , and i am not out of the hobby , just taking a break, raising my new son, playing my drums, and racing my sprint car..you are a great builder and when i decide to make a return, well i can tell you i will be buying one of these myself as it is a sweet looking boat. have a nice day mike ..keep up the good work !! and i will tell you this.. i like the fact your radio box is not hid under the side of the hull making it nearly impossible for guys like me with big digits to install the radio..congrats !! and looks roomy to me inside as well..i hope we can be friends mike and put whatever it is in the past behind us and it all to be good like before.. Terry
  14. i have to ask.. how legal will it be with that bottom not being on a continious plane..that was a big deal with my hull a couple years ago..it made the boat very loose and very ,very fast ..we hit 69 mph with a near stock nova in it .. but they wou not approve it ..and your boat looks like mine on the bottom .. nice boat but until it is approved dont get yer panties all twisted up..unless your one of the boys that can get anything approved because your friends with them. tk

    WTB 3M Radio box tape

    i have 3 rolls of the 3m stuff. .. 25.00 shipped in the us 48 tk 563-343-9618