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  1. Mike Hughes

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    Missed that one. LOL
  2. Mike Hughes

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    Here is a link to a PDF version of the Jennings book for others that want to dabble. http://www.amrca.com/tech/tuners.pdf
  3. Mike Hughes

    Delrin question.

    I have been cutting threads for all these years. I do work with delrin and have not really had an issues by cutting. Might give this a try. Old dog, new tricks comes to mind.
  4. Mike Hughes


    What Mike said
  5. Mike Hughes

    Mike Walker building services

    NIce. It only been about 25 years since I raced you. Welcome back Rod.
  6. Mike Hughes


    There are a lot more choices when it comes to batteries. Those hardcases are designed around the car chassis.
  7. Mike Hughes

    Remote valve setup

    That pic is basically the best place to put it. In that orientation it allows you to adjust the needle thru a hole in the cowl easily too. Thats how mine are setup. I used K needles on my boats but all of them would work nice there. Even if you had to make a little angle bracket for them. Mike
  8. Mike Hughes

    tunnel bottom side ?

    This can be applied to all boating. Most want to be told how to do it. Those that actually change things and find out for themselves what that does will learn more. Do this enough times and you will be able to predict to a certain degree what works. Then you jsut have to build it and test. This is one of the aspect of the hobby that I enjoy. Nice post Carl Mike
  9. I would agree. Rod did a good job on that design. I believe the gas hydro was a Jeff Snell design. Mike
  10. Alfred was the first one to make this boat in glass. He was always interested in Arno Birts boats for years. He destroyed his sp20 that he got from Arno around 98. It got hit and sank. He call me and was wondering if Arno was still around. I told him he was not building/racing anymore but I might know a guy that had a boat for sale that was built off of his plans. Arno gave me a set of plans years ago. These plans did have some adjustment from me to close down the trap angle by making the sponsons deeper. Arno was always blowing his boat off and it tended to hunt on the front recovery pads if you tried to pin the front down by dropping the strut. The boat was purchased from the Wenechee boys and Alfred ran it for a season. He soon desided to plug the boat and add it to the list of boats he was selling under the Leecraft name. Tommy had nothing to do with it other than providing the name. I believe there also is a gas sport boat mold out there that was also sold under the Leecraft name as well. Ron you should give me a call. There are some changes you should make that will help with that boat. I have some pics but having trouble loading them. These are pics of JRs boat.
  11. Mike Hughes

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Its a 120/230v 3500 RPM. Did not check to see if it works since it don't meet you speed requirement. Sorry Mikey
  12. Mike Hughes

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Let me look at my job. I know there is an old compressor in the building we have our office space in. Dont know the HP or rpm or if it works. Its 120v thou. It looks like it was replaced for some reason. It not hooked up to anything at the moment. Which leads me to believe it might not work. But I will check tomorrow
  13. Mike Hughes

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    https://www.ebay.com/p/GE-General-Electric-3-4-HP-A-c-Motor-115-230-V-1725-RPM-56-Frame-Single-1-Phase/7024704136?iid=183520862421 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1HP-Marathon-G963-3PH-DP-Fan-and-Blower-Motor-1800RPM-56Frame-575V-Original-Box/233006495845?hash=item364044f865:g:YfMAAOSwMmBVlUnW:rk:38:pf:0 https://www.grainger.com/product/DAYTON-3-4-HP-General-Purpose-Motor-6XJ24 Can probably order this one and pick up in store Try and find a local salvage place in your area.
  14. Mike Hughes

    SOLD New Speedmaster Rudder Parts

    paypal sent, pm and an email
  15. Mike Hughes

    SOLD New Speedmaster Rudder Parts

    I will take it.