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    New flow meter from Boris Mazor

    Dear Boris: Allow me apologize for not writing sooner to thank you for the special consideration in reserving a flow meter for my purchase. It was deeply appreciated, I assure you. It arrived and it has worked flawlessly, of course. I have used it for two races now and I can say that it is a terrific aid in keeping my tune optimized all day long. This last weekend, I experimented with one of my Kalistratov K-67 engines, which are superior in terms of power, but a bit more sensitive in terms of tuning. After I got my numbers dialed in on this set up, I was able to use them to anticipate correctly the rich / lean mixture requirements as I propped up for my final heat, which we dominated in terms of speed. Changing props for a final heat is a brand new ability, one which I had never anticipated having before your flow meter became my right hand man. Many thanks for this tool, Boris. Add me to the list of happy customers. Best regards, Marc Connelly R/C Unlimiteds.
  2. ’69 Dame

    Newton Marine

    Oh, I guess David is okay. I mean, he did let me use his Boris Mazor Gen III flow meter on race day. (In a race he ended up winning anyway) But his in-laws- now those folks rock! Have you seen how Larry and Denise manage a beachside barbeque grill?!? Holy cow, it is flat amazing. Just sayin’
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    Re-Engineering A Dumas Pay'N Pak

    This is a great thread- thanks for posting! Marc
  4. ’69 Dame

    The Boris Mazor Flow Meter

    The scales have fallen from my eyes, and now I am just dying to get my greedy little hands on one of these magnificent little machines. I was granted the extraordinary privilege of using both John Olson’s and David Newtons Mazor Gen III flow meter at the R/CU race last weekend and not only did it totally enlighten me as to where the needle should be (and wasn’t), it uncovered a gasket leak at my needle valve, which had been a problem for a while (since I replaced the gaskets with ‘much better ones’.) Thing is, I can’t go borrowing such an important strategic tool in a competitive race setting. That taxes a friendship to the max, and I need to keep the Mini Czar and Jammin’ Johnny in good graces. So I am looking to buy one of course, like in the worst way. Anybody tired of theirs yet? Anyone seen Mr. Mazor lately? (Bless his heart.) I gots to have one! Best regards, Marc Connelly ‘82 Atlas Van Lines, R/C Unlimiteds
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    The Boris Mazor Flow Meter

    I can’t understand why it is so hard to actually find contact and ordering information for this handy device. You all love yours, but how the heck do I get one?!?!?! Marc
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    Roger Newton...

    That is a great tribute to my Buddy Rog. Many thanks from al of us R/CU guys! Marc
  7. ’69 Dame

    Roger Newton...

    As I prepped my boat for the race in Granger this weekend, I went through my prop box and shined up a few of the usual suspects real good. As I did so, I remembered Rogers bit in the Building a Scale R/C Hydro video, about the props. “Just like the big boys, you have to have good props to get to the winners circle”... Roger liked running at Granger even though his Spirit if Detroit didn’t seem to have very good luck there. Roger liked racing everywhere. I miss Rog everyday. I probably always will. But he is also a comfort during those long quiet moments in the shop when I am working on the boat. Wait a minute- my shop isn’t quiet! Just like the Czar, I have taken to having the local oldies station on the radio at all times. ’A wella wella, wella...’ Hey- at least my props are ready! Marc
  8. ’69 Dame

    Say a Prayer for Roger Newton

    He is coherent, talkative and worried about the boats lol, so his spirits are up. David: Wow. That made me think: Does they need help crewing for the Navy boat for Seafair? I would be glad to be of any help possible. If they need help, call or email me about it- if there is ANYTHING that I can do for the Navy crew. Marc
  9. ’69 Dame

    Say a Prayer for Roger Newton

    Thanks, Harry! Marc
  10. ’69 Dame

    Say a Prayer for Roger Newton

    We are sending every hope and prayer your way, David. Thanks so much for the update. Marc & Mary
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    RCU's first race of the 2008

    Keep the stories and pics coming guys. Funny how a West Coast guy builds a MidWest Boat and we build a lot of West Coast Boats. Risleys is just down the street. Mike And the Notre Dame represented, well, the University of Notre Dame! Your neck of the woods again, Mike! Although I think that the real race team was based in Seattle for a lot of this time, I never thought of them as a Seattle boat per se. Didn’t root for ‘em, didn’t root against ’em. Now, after running this hull for five seasons, it has become a real personal favorite. Us modelers like any good lookin’ hydro, I suppose, regardless of where it came from. Either that or we favor a scheme that is easy to touch up. Like Lee Robertson says: “The faster they go, the prettier they get.” How true! marc
  12. ’69 Dame

    RCU's first race of the 2008

    Just in case you missed it... Marc
  13. For all that I know, Roger had nothing to do with inventing the high fallutin tool named in this topic post. Heck, the Czar may well have stolen this idea from someone else, long ago. But the first time that I saw it was in photos of his boat works, posted earlier this winter. So I give him total credit and that’s that. But please note that Roger does not necessarily condone the use of, or endorse, this product. The information posted here is strictly for your entertainment pleasure, etc., etc. When I first saw this nifty work station, I thwacked my forehead with the palm of my hand. Then I promptly cleared off the table saw and made one. It took about 20 minutes to overkill the project. I am probably the last boat racer on earth to discover the many uses of the TNUHWS. But just in case I am not the last, here it is. Make one up today- prevent ‘bunk rash’ repairs tomorrow! Marc
  14. Guys: I have become a real fan of the POR-15 product line based upon my experience rebuilding a 1949 Plymouth gas tank which, I believed, was beyond hope. Thanks to POR-15, it turned out great! The middle stage of the process involves a reusable rust remover and inhibitor called Metal Ready. This stuff is amazing in its ability to remove and totally prevent rust. A couple of weeks ago, I treated the parts of my CMB which have considerable iron content with Metal Ready to prevent that surface rust that happens to the crank end and the intake rotor. I just can’t be comfortable with even surface rust in my engines. Of course I raced this weekend and afterwards, I filled the motor with Deep Creep, an engine fogging oil. But Monday, I went into the hospital overnight and did not get to tear the engine apart. Today, Wednesday, I finally broke it down to get everything cleaned out. Normally, I could expect to see some signs of surface rusting- especially inside the rotor drum- but I found none. The motor was immaculate inside. Treating the crank and rotor seemed to have no effect on the running or power output at all. I think this stuff is the real deal. Perhaps you know of other, better products, but I cannot see how one could improve upon this outcome. This morning I pulled my cable (brand new before this last race) and discovered that when I degreased and cleaned it, I was already getting some red-brown crap coming out of the center. So I took a piece of 1/2 inch brass tube, dropped the cable in, taped it up to seal things, and filled it with Metal Ready. That sucker is done with rusting! Just a heads up. This is really good stuff. You ought to give it a try. Marc www.POR15.com
  15. ’69 Dame

    RCU's first race of the 2008

    Ouch! Great to see that Harry has not lost his rapier wit. Not to make too fine a point of it, a lot of R/CU folks got beat by a girl last weekend. I think that maybe a tech inspection on the Squire Shop is in order. That thing was moving way too fast! marc
  16. ’69 Dame

    CMB .67 pipe

    Out here, we all seem to prefer using the Muck pipe with a larger sleeve welded on to overlap the header. The CMB seems to love the Muck pipe and the conclusion amongst R/CU racers is that it offers the best combination of low and top end. On a cool raceday, like last weekend, I was making mondo power with it set to 10 5/8 inches from the back of the head, turning a cut 460/3 prop. I could have gone shorter, for more top end, but when I did, the midrange response was starting to go away. I didn’t really touch a plug all weekend long. This is a very happy set up for the CMB. Good luck! Marc
  17. ’69 Dame

    1/8th Scale Unlimited Hydro

    I hesitate to add my two cents here as there is a lot of good information- maybe too much- already! But here goes anyway... My own learning curve for becoming in any way competitive in R/CU has taken a five year investment. Some get there quicker, but I think that this is an average time frame. The reason for this, I believe, is that there is so much that can go wrong with a scale hydro that it takes a long time to learn how to sort one out to optimum performance- which is certainly a requirement for the competitive result you seek. It also takes many laps to become a good driver. you may have a lot of laps already in your .21 hydro, but this is something different. So it is a process and it is perhaps a good idea to think of it that way and develop your program accordingly. Having made wood, carbon fiber and fiberglass hulls myself, I think that making your own wooden hull is the best way to get started. I say this because there is wood in most all of them anyway, somewhere, and wooden hulls are the easiest to modify and repair. Plan on tweaking sponson shapes a few times until the boat really gets to optimum speed and ride characteristics. Wooden construction also forces you to scratch build and, if this has any appeal to you, I think this is the most instructive way to learn the fine points of hull set up, systems management and construction. Contrary to popular myth, wooden boats are every bit as fast and any other type. IN R/CU, many of the very fastest hulls are wood. I like the Roger Newton plans from Newton Marine. They worked very well for me. Besides, Rog needs the dough (he is flying down to Florida to race with his buddies again, I hear). Good luck! Marc
  18. Cubic money... that is a good one, Mike! I agree totally. There is little else that beats the fun of working over a guy with a lead until you drag race him to the finish line. I just had one of those this weekend and I am still floatin’! This is a drivers class which makes it a ton of fun! Marc Marc
  19. ’69 Dame

    RCU's first race of the 2008

    Geeze- I can’t imagine how the Czar could have overlooked mentioning the great drag race to the finish that put the 69 Notre Dame into third place in the final. What gutsy driving! What a boat ride! Just saying... Marc (Shirley’s sex slave)
  20. ’69 Dame

    Lite All Star

    What I noticed most is that GREAT work stand. I am going to make up one of those, right away! A very cool idea! Marc
  21. ’69 Dame

    Lite All Star

    Wow. That is so cool. Any updates? Marc
  22. ’69 Dame


    Good advice. And if all that doesn’t help, it’s your bearings. Time to replace them. marc
  23. ’69 Dame

    PENNZOIL / CHAMPION Decals 1/8th scale

    Thanks, guys! Marc
  24. Does anyone know where I can find 1/8 scale Pennzoil and Champion sparkplug decals for my 1/8th scale 1982 Atlas Van Lines project? Thanks! Marc
  25. ’69 Dame

    TV Report on RCU

    Wow. Cool. Thanks, Harry! Marc