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  1. Mark Stein

    LF B&B hardware 45 rudder blade

    Yes here it is. 7075 matl.
  2. Mark Stein

    LF B&B hardware 45 rudder blade

    Looking for a .45 size spare blade and pivot block . I had some parts on order but last year I was no longer getting a responce.
  3. Mark Stein

    Rudder placement

    In the days before high torgue servos it was easier for the servo to control the boat when mounted on the port side of the boat (longer lever). It also affect the balance side to side. Right side mount will help put pressure on the left side front sponson.
  4. Mark Stein

    LF picco 45 EXR cranks

    That was all 8mm crank engines
  5. Mark Stein

    Glow plug torque specs?

    57 in/lb is with 5 full threads
  6. Mark Stein

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    The only part of the 2.4ghz antenna that sees a signal is the 1" ish at the end that is not covered by the shielding. Basically small coax cable.
  7. Mark Stein

    Pictures hanging in your workshop/room

    I converted my spare bedroom to a boat room. No pictures yet but I do have a nice view of my backyard
  8. Mark Stein

    Bowling Green ky

    Wont be around that long. One of these yrs I will make the Evansville race. Its a 6+ hr ride for me. Always heard its a great race.
  9. Mark Stein

    Bowling Green ky

    Going to be visiting for a week. Just thought I would see if anyone was running boats around that area
  10. Mark Stein

    Bowling Green ky

    Checking to see if there is any rc boating going on around Bowling Green Ky.
  11. Mark Stein

    Pressure Fitting diameter size

    In my experience the pipe and stinger ID can make a bigger difference in the fuel flow
  12. Mark Stein

    London Ontario Pond

    What a shame. That was a great site.
  13. Mark Stein

    Parts for sale

    Steve, are you making any other rudder blades? Thanks Mark
  14. Mark Stein

    Mono Strut

    Thanks Steve. I am curious about the bucks stinger drive but still looking for a strut for my current mono project.
  15. Mark Stein

    Mono Strut

    Does anyone know the length of speed master XTR strut? Looking for a round bottom strut about 3.5 To 3.75 long. I am curious about where to find Bucks Stinger drives at