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  1. bob miller

    67 vs 82 k/b outboards

    what is the difference between the 67 and 82 outboard more stroke , more bore , or combination of both .....thanks.....bob
  2. bob miller

    Prop Gauge

    when a blade is out of balance how do you lighten the heavy blade ? ....thanks.....bob
  3. bob miller


    chris will be missed , he was always willing to help fellow racers , he had a friendly attitude , ....our condolences to the Blake family....bob and karen miller
  4. bob miller

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    good luck with your new boat , like the graphics .....bob
  5. bob miller

    Zipkits Outboard Rigger

    why did you mount the turn fin on the left side ? thanks.....bob
  6. any hobby stores near ft myers ? ....thanks.....bob
  7. bob miller

    Name that Hull

    randy , i.m confused , who is the owner of the 3.5 k/b outboard and is it for sale ? .....thanks.....bob
  8. bob miller

    Name that Hull

    randy , i can offer you $200.00 for the motor shipped to 14150 ny , not interested in the boat ....thanks....bob
  9. bob miller

    k/b 1.00 aero motor / 67 k/b outboard

    i became interested in this swap because ebay was selling a 1.00 aero motor cheap and i have k/b 67 parts ....bob
  10. bob miller

    gas tunnel hull wood kits

    looking for video of pti 40 tunnel , nitro ,gas ,or electric ....thanks....bob
  11. would the pto and crank from a k/b 67 outboard fit in the 1.00 k/b aero motor ?....thanks....bob
  12. bob miller

    paul renna

    what is the price of your 40'' tunnel and does the kit include plywood decking and bottom ?.....thanks....bob
  13. bob miller

    gas tunnel hull wood kits

    my e mail boatsandbooks@yahoo.com good luck with your new kits ....bob
  14. bob miller

    gas tunnel hull wood kits

    looking for wood gas tunnel hull kits....thanks....bob
  15. bob miller

    dynamite 32 marine motor

    has the dynamite 32 marine motor been discontinued ?....thanks.....bob