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  1. mtruex

    For Sale:JAE GT

    Message sent doc. Consider it sold.
  2. mtruex

    Thread size & pitch

  3. mtruex

    Identifying Nova .46 sleeves

    Brandon, the sleeves are the same. The difference was the taper on the top (sides) of the piston. The newer one has more taper.
  4. mtruex

    WTB- Engines

  5. Salt water is faster than Fresh water :-)
  6. mtruex

    WTB- Engines

    Whos we and what are you payin ??!! I got some GOOD ones!
  7. mtruex

    Muffled vs. non muffled pipes.

    The correct muffler will make a good pipe better. Na
  8. Looks like a JAE 45 on the top step of 7.5! Congrats to team USA !
  9. mtruex

    Muffled vs. non muffled pipes.

    A muffler wont make a bad pipe good or a good pipe bad. It could cause problems if its too restrictive and builds too much heat. But for the most part its not a big deal.
  10. mtruex

    2018 World Championships in France

    Good luck guys!!!
  11. mtruex

    21 Bouchie pipe new.

    Ill take it. PayPal ok ?
  12. mtruex

    First JRX Gas Hydro

    Nice Mark, You dont even know what prop hes running, yet you suggest a 23 degree rake oval prop that doesnt even exist. Good one.