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  1. RaceMechaniX

    Electric sport 20

    Steve, The two best glass hulls are the Phil Thomas Stealth and Insane FE30. The PT Stealth is epoxy glass versus the Insane FE being gelcoat and polyester. The Stealth does take a fair bit of pin hole filling and prep for paint, but I believe is a better hull. To achieve 50 mph, I would recommend the following for a power system: Motors: TP 4060 1950kv or a TP4050 2100/2350kv motor Castle 1515 1Y ESC: Swordfish X+220A or OSE Raider 150A if you use the TP4050 2100 Batteries: 45-80C, 4S2P 8000-10000mAh total. Many options here to choose from. Props: Octura X440/3, X447, X450, ABC 1716, 1814, 1914 That will get you 50mph pretty easy with low stress on the power system.
  2. RaceMechaniX

    Electric sport 20

    Steve, Easy to make a recommendation, but first a couple of questions: Do you plan on racing within either NAMBA or IMPBA? If yes, which one or both? Do you want a "limited" set-up or an open set-up? Limited typically refers to a motor limit. NAMBA and IMPBA use different rules here. Limited motors are often the Aquacraft and Proboat 36mm motors. Although both organizations are moving towards a diameter and length limit to open up the pool of available motors. If you prefer an open motor, do you want inexpensive system system, balance of cost and power or the absolute balls to wall crazy power system? A lot will also depend if you prefer building wood kits or semi finished fiberglass hulls.
  3. RaceMechaniX

    Looking for Steve Woods web site.

  4. RaceMechaniX

    Possibly a new race???

    Huntsville have already planned a TT directly after Thanksgiving.
  5. RaceMechaniX

    CMB 67 Bolt Pattern

    52mm side to side. 25mm fore-aft for the closer holes and 31mm for the further holes. CMB 80 RS-H.PDF
  6. RaceMechaniX

    motor mount

    Two good options from Offshore Electrics. One for large front bearings https://www.offshoreelectrics.com/proddetail.php?prod=zip-3490 and another for 5mm shafts with flush bearings. https://www.offshoreelectrics.com/proddetail.php?prod=zip-3491 Just add some birch ply to shim the mount to the width of the tubs.
  7. RaceMechaniX

    Delrin question.

    Need a like button for this thread!
  8. https://youtu.be/io-WXU9NTag https://youtu.be/lLYkHItylzU https://youtu.be/TU3YZGAJrVc
  9. https://youtu.be/8sD4ga8brg8 https://youtu.be/XK15U8LObx0 https://youtu.be/UDB1av4leRQ https://youtu.be/4hCTwnSHjnM
  10. RaceMechaniX

    Lipo Batteries

    Good choice.
  11. RaceMechaniX

    Lipo Batteries

    Don't buy batteries from Amazon. There are several really good sellers here with competitive pricing that meet the needs of model boats not necessarily what the general guy wanting to buy batteries for other RC vehicles. Bob Zola of Mojo Racing has Graphene cells. https://www.mojoracingproducts.com/ Mark Ferreira of Dinogy Lipos sells Graphene cells. https://www.dinogylipos.com/ Both Mark and Bob sell the same batteries with different labels. Both great guys to work with. They can also build special packs for you like a long 8S pack that can fit under a deck in a scale boat. Roaring Top USA are also excellent cells. http://www.roaringtopusa.com/ The Hobbyking Graphene cells are probably the best bang for the buck. Either the 65C or the new Panther 70C are excellent cells. The HK Heavy Duty packs are also great for sport boating.
  12. So when are you going to come out East Don?