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  1. RaceMechaniX

    Oiler reservoir

    Jon, 3-5cc is probably a good target.
  2. Mike, Usually the organizers poll the racers to see what people are running. If all the guys are going after SAW records, they will leave the balloons off. If guys want to run both oval and SAW, they will put them up. It takes about 30 min to set-up the balloons when the weights are already in place. I will say it's a little tricky to run SAW passes with the balloons in place. The preferred line is running right to left on the front straight and left to right on the back straight. It takes a little practice at 100+. Tyler
  3. RaceMechaniX

    Fuel Punps

    Winner, Winner, that's it. Thanks Mike.
  4. RaceMechaniX

    Fuel Punps

    The pump I am after is a hand crank pump that was intended for Nitro and/or gas. It looked pretty substantial with four socket head screws on the four corners. It looked like it was intended for large gas scale airplanes where you have to pump a gallon of fuel into the plane.
  5. RaceMechaniX

    Fuel Punps

    Thanks Daniel, that's a new one to me. The one I was looking for was red anodized.
  6. RaceMechaniX

    Fuel Punps

    Anyone recall who made that nice billet aluminum hand crank fuel pump? It was offered on an RC airplane site.
  7. RaceMechaniX

    Water Cooling Can

    Have you looked on Offshore Electrics? https://www.offshoreelectrics.com/products.php?cat=Motor+Water+Cooling
  8. RaceMechaniX

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Fully agree Terry, let's let this simmer till we have a good recipe for the P-Ltd. Can you start to imagine P-Spec motors looking like this: This is my favorite:
  9. RaceMechaniX

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    I would like to see twin power systems remain legal for national classes and let local clubs decide if they want to allow twins to compete against singles. No need to change class rules, let the race CD decide ahead of time what's allowed. On the topic of the P limited proposal I am in favor of just using the diameter and length of the motor and dropping any weight requirement. Rationale being it's easy to measure length and diameter in the boat. Tech'ing weight means removing the motor from the boat and likely the cooler too. I have tested the heavy copper motors and there is minimal advantage. Not enough to justify a weight measurement. There is an additional reason I will bring up with Mike Ball before I post here. -Tyler
  10. RaceMechaniX

    Looking for a AB 3662/3

    Found the labels for the props. I have a 6720/3, 5077/3C and a 3857/4
  11. RaceMechaniX

    Looking for a AB 3662/3

    Bradley was that gas size prop that looked like a V967/3?
  12. RaceMechaniX

    Raptor Carbon 8255 Sport Hydro .12 25"x13"

    Sold to Mike.
  13. ***SOLD***Guys I am selling a vacuum bagged all carbon 8255 sport hydro produced by Brian Buaas. Boat weighs 15oz and measures 25" long by 14" wide. Would make a great .12 sport hydro or a fun FE project. Looking for $250 shipped CONUS. I can ship overseas at buyers expense.
  14. RaceMechaniX

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    At least in Q offshore a single mono is pretty damn competitive against a single or twin Q cat. I lost a national championship by one buoy cut.