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  1. moparbarn

    CMB 21LS Green head - new in box with spares

    I will get you paid the end of next week, Shane (-;
  2. moparbarn

    CMB 21LS Green head - new in box with spares

    Shane, I will take the package, if you can wait until Friday week for payment. Need a total with shipping to zip code 22603 USA.
  3. moparbarn

    Amazing new outboard: The Synchro30

    May be a neat little package, but it looks like it belongs on Swamp People - LOL!
  4. moparbarn

    40x53 Prepped for B Sport Tunnel

    After receiving more info on the prop, I'm gonna pass. You OS guys should grab this one (-;
  5. moparbarn

    D-12 race #2

    The Delmarva club is hosting IMPBA D-12 race #2 the weekend of June 2nd. Get signed up on rcracingevents, let's make this another fun & competetive event! See ya'll at the pond!
  6. moparbarn

    Truex Jr wins

    Aric suffered a compression fracture in his back, but was released from the hospital today. Great race, Martin (-; Get well soon, Aric.
  7. moparbarn

    One sweet ride

    So, uhh, what did you do with the old sled Terry???
  8. moparbarn

    40x53 Prepped for B Sport Tunnel

    Thanx, Dean. PM replied to.
  9. moparbarn

    40x53 Prepped for B Sport Tunnel

    Dean, if I can mail you a USPS m.o., I'll take it. I do not use paypal. LMK, & if ok, pm me your address.
  10. moparbarn

    provee pulling hard to the left

    All 3 could cause it.......Dasboata's props help any boat (-;
  11. Yup, had a great time!! Great job by all, as usual (-; I was both proud & humbled running that .20 Twincraft in that tribute...... See ya'll at the next pond
  12. moparbarn

    Misc Stuff

    In the mail today (-;
  13. moparbarn

    Southeastern outboard smack talk

    Betcha there's a booger on the end of that finger, Jr. :-0 LOL!!
  14. moparbarn

    LF a Twincraft B mono

    I'll be running the boat in b mono this weekend, Dick (-;