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  1. Andy Brown

    Big Thank You - John Steltzer

    John's tanks not only look good, they work excellent too. Solid fuel delivery right down to empty. John had a few solder joint issues in the beginning, but John has long resolved that problem Great product! Great Service!.
  2. Andy Brown

    Possibly a new race???

    Where do we sign up??? :-)
  3. Andy Brown

    .90 Sg ready for the winter nitro race

    I like it.! I Like It A Lot!!! :-D
  4. Andy Brown

    WTB - 1.01 RS piston/sleeves

    I told you Doc would have some Eric. :-)
  5. Andy Brown

    Silant Engines

    Jim was a gentlemen and a great r/c boat racer. We built him some RTR Mongoose boats in the late 80's.
  6. Andy Brown

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    "If not, you guessed wrong on the temperature and it's back to the drawing board." Or the guys that write pipe formulas guessed wrong about what those angles, diameters, locations and volumes actually do. LOL
  7. Andy Brown

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Yup! I saw Charlie "Out Last" them all. And Charlie has a "No Lift" racing philosophy. WFO baby! lol Going to miss you in 2019 Charlie!
  8. Andy Brown

    Tuned Pipe Wave Velocity

    EGT and therefore wave velocity changes a big amount by the micro second. Fuel mixture/mass and load, both of which are constantly changing, have the greatest influence. Calculations will get you on the right planet. Refinement takes lots of surveying. Man do I have a big box of chopped up, glued, welded, soldered, and screwed together pipes. LOL
  9. Andy Brown


    Charlie Siler
  10. Andy Brown


    Eric's 101 pulled the 3 blade, but not with authority. So maybe it will be a good starter prop for the Beast OPS.
  11. Andy Brown


    Terry Keely.
  12. Andy Brown

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    The old OPS crank was 7mm. The new larger 8mm crank may be a help. We will see in time.
  13. Andy Brown

    CMDi & OPS engines

    Allan, The 1957 is full diameter. Has a small to medium back cut. Has a very small tip cup to reduce lift and the T.E pitch is increased a small amount to 5.4" near the tip only. Stock is 5.0". This prop drives and handles well and can be used for racing.
  14. Andy Brown

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    Terry, The flywheel collet is still brass, but is much larger than the Picco collet. I now have about 1.5 gallons through the OPS 45 and the face of the collet that fits against the bearing shows no wear.
  15. Andy Brown

    CMDi & OPS engines

    Put a few more tanks of 60% through the OPS 45 this weekend. Worked upward on prop size. Finished up with the biggest prop I took to the lake. A 1957. The OPS pulled it off the beach easily. Throttled up and down at will. Quickly and consistently accelerated to 77 mph. This is in a 7 pound 67 SGX-2.5. Used the same plug that I ran last weekend. Head and piston crown look like they have not been run. After run tear down found all parts looking very good. Except for the noted adjustments in last week's report, the engine is 100% stock. The big horse power potential of this OPS 45 looks very promising. Good boating Andy