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  1. Andy Brown


    Terry Keely.
  2. Andy Brown

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    The old OPS crank was 7mm. The new larger 8mm crank may be a help. We will see in time.
  3. Andy Brown

    CMDi & OPS engines

    Allan, The 1957 is full diameter. Has a small to medium back cut. Has a very small tip cup to reduce lift and the T.E pitch is increased a small amount to 5.4" near the tip only. Stock is 5.0". This prop drives and handles well and can be used for racing.
  4. Andy Brown

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    Terry, The flywheel collet is still brass, but is much larger than the Picco collet. I now have about 1.5 gallons through the OPS 45 and the face of the collet that fits against the bearing shows no wear.
  5. Andy Brown

    CMDi & OPS engines

    Put a few more tanks of 60% through the OPS 45 this weekend. Worked upward on prop size. Finished up with the biggest prop I took to the lake. A 1957. The OPS pulled it off the beach easily. Throttled up and down at will. Quickly and consistently accelerated to 77 mph. This is in a 7 pound 67 SGX-2.5. Used the same plug that I ran last weekend. Head and piston crown look like they have not been run. After run tear down found all parts looking very good. Except for the noted adjustments in last week's report, the engine is 100% stock. The big horse power potential of this OPS 45 looks very promising. Good boating Andy
  6. Andy Brown

    Pipes for twin hydro

    For a pipe with built in muffler system the AB/CMB 67 pipe can't be beat. Contact Stu Barr for those.
  7. Andy Brown

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    The balance on the crank seems good. So far I have run nearly a gallon through the OPS 45. The engine is bolted to the mount with aluminum 6-32 screws. Have not had one break.
  8. Andy Brown

    nitro catamerans

    In the mid 1980s, Cats were very popular in the nitro hydro classes and did a good share of winning. Dust them off!
  9. Andy Brown

    OPS 45 Crank inspection

    Three slugs stock from the factory. Billet carb with hard anodized aluminum barrel.
  10. Andy Brown

    CMDi & OPS engines

    I am pleased with the first weekend of testing with the new OPS 45. The engine actually runs nicer than I expected. Pulls off the beach strong. Has smooth broad throttle response. Have run about 3 liters of fuel so far. Ran both 50% and 60%. Did not burn a plug. Head looks like it has not been run. No detonation.I have not got to maximum prop size or shortest pipe length yet. Running the engine stock with only mods to the carb and drum/drive pin clearance adjustment. P/L fit was a little tighter than I am use to so I loosened it up a bit. Not sure I needed to though. It just reduced the break-in time to almost zero. Removed Low speed needle and barrel stop. The hard anodized aluminum carb barrel fits the body perfectly and is super smooth after removing the barrel stop. The engine mills slow and responds quickly. The vibration level is low. The P/L seals great. The bearing/crank fit and alignment are perfect. Drum to housing fit is close yet super smooth. After run tear down looks great. The OPS will be ready for max prop load next test session. I will then post video and performance results. Then will make mods to the engine and bring it to the next level. There will definitely be a new 45 Nitro player on the street! The future of Nitro is Bright!
  11. Andy Brown

    RIP Kevin Taylor

    Sad news! I spoke with Kevin a few times many years ago.
  12. Andy Brown

    CMDi & OPS engines

    Charlie, For now look us up. When we get well stocked up we will set up online. Will be testing the new 45 and will post results soon.
  13. CMDi & Andy Brown have teamed up with OPS engines. CMDi will carry the full line of OPS marine and car engines along with OPS pipes and glow plugs (std. & turbo). Andy Brown is working with OPS and OPS engines to make positive improvements to the full OPS marine line up. The future of Nitro is looking bright! Stay tuned for details.
  14. Andy Brown

    Looking for a AB 3662/3

    I ran that 3857/4 on a Proboat Elam (.18 power) It worked well. Bradley, I had the 3862/3 cast in stainless steel. I have a couple left if you could use it. It has 15 degree rake.
  15. Andy Brown

    Sure seems dead around here.

    As others have mentioned. I think the 20 year old Fad of Key Board Racing is fading away. It seems that people are spending more time actually working on and running their boats.