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  1. bermudadude

    Sleeve Removal

    the nylon bushings andy brown and some others use for engine mount spacers or a hitec servo horn cut to fit in the bore
  2. bermudadude


    decades ago that was ur only choice in addition to other mods. breaks ALLOT quicker. now days u get a 14mm crank in any engine worth mentioning and the hole is large enough. 10mm or so hole and a 9mm carb then the only other thing would be to change the timing (thats another thing that can make it break faster than stock) have to be carefull to round all the corners
  3. we have a # for ken but it seems to be blocked(?) does anybody have a specific # or way they call from this side of the pond from a cell? t.i.a
  4. bermudadude

    small cat plans or maybe a kit

    although the small cat is prob still too big fo what u want >> https://motonautics.weebly.com seaclear boats
  5. bermudadude

    mac motor

    ya um. i know a guy he isnt on here but he was interested,sent him the first pics and he says he would pay 100+shipping for the .84 for parts
  6. bermudadude

    Picco P90 questions

    ok ur reading it wrong the pistons can be bought separately the liners he has to make a larger run. i talked to a few guys back in the day and this is how liners are made, thats why not many make them. they are cut from a long piece a few at a time and then cut into individual liners,,,apparently
  7. bermudadude

    Picco P90 questions

    this gentleman makes EVERYTHING anatoly.karpov.948 this is a message he sent me last week I must have order 10 sets. I make pistons for all motors 3.5cc -20$ 7.5cc-25$ 10cc-27$ 15cc -30$ 27cc-40$ 35cc-50$. Liners only preordered min.10 70 to 100$
  8. bermudadude

    MAC84 sleeves

    looking for old mac84 liners. experiment time
  9. bermudadude

    Gas Rigger Recommendations?

    there is a gas kit version on ZIPPKITS website but i read u only want plans soooo.... JAE .91/1.01HG PDF plans not much for modern day plans on riggers esp gas. these days. this is straight forward as far as design id personally lengthen it 10" and widen tub for gas as well as widen sponsons. "IF" i had to use plans scratch building is the way it should be done nothing beats the satisfaction when u finally see it running,thats the way us old cats used o do it.happy boating.
  10. bermudadude

    JD's WOF plans

    pm for 34" also ,is it the length? do we have to print 11x17" or will 8.5x14 work? if done plans on a home printer where set to 100% scale it auto continued printing on a next page and i taped together,wondering if this will work here. i havnt looked at these yet so im prob asking a dumb question thankx
  11. bermudadude

    LIPO driven Starter - sources

    http://zippkits.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=85&products_id=725 i got 1 similar off ebay a couple years ago, for like $70. no relay just a heavy duty switch and handle setup. works perfect with 3s using it now on 4s cause the 3 cell died. GOOBS of knuckle breaking juice lol the guy i got from store is gone but its pretty much this. (which is what he had a few months ago last i saw) >>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Powerful-Rotor-Starter-For-26CC-Gasoline-Nitro-RC-Boats/262770326780?hash=item3d2e54fcfc:g:bBUAAOSwa~BYWLn5
  12. bermudadude

    Wild thing plans

    i sent u some stuff i found a while ago
  13. bermudadude

    Eagle Twin overhaul complete

    you are absolutely right. great way to strengthen however doing all of that will change the flex duration and the distance they flex,all part of the design of the hull ,its part of the handling characteristics. something to consider if u do it. maybe test with and without changes to see which u like better or if the difference is noticeable to you
  14. bermudadude

    CMB 27 alpha nitro

    just my 2ยข but the stock cmb27 carb is way bigger ,and nitro is gonna need to b equal or more to avoid lean condition,which u would b forced into "trying" to get a stable flow with hi velocity on nitro. been there- runs like crap. u maybe right with the multiple plug thing,that MIGHT solve it
  15. bermudadude