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  1. Bill Britton

    New Hellion 20 Tunnel

    This boat is the final design of the wood HellRaiser 20 tunnel that was raced by myself and Otto in the Winter Nitro Championships race in January. It will be available in glass only and will be called Hellion. The boat is 29 3/4 in length and 11 1/4 wide. The top deck plug is just about ready for molding. I know a lot of people may give me grief for putting the nose on the top deck and say I'm trying to copy the Lynx, but it really came down to getting rid of the lower nose piece in the front of the cowl which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Those have been a bane for me since I started making boats and never liked them. Carl nailed it when he put it in his designs. Doing it this way incorporates the nose piece into the the bottom deck making the entire process easier, with less parts to make and work to do. It really is the smartest way to go. Bottom deck plug is not quite as far along but should be finished within a few weeks. These should be available in a few months. There will also be a number of them being raced in the coming SOWEGA Southern Outboard Championships in Georgia in May. Bill
  2. Bill Britton

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    About typical, I lost LOL. Otto did good. The weather was horrible for tunnels on day three and I dunked in the rollers my last few heats.
  3. Bill Britton

    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    Jeeeezzzzzz. I wasn't referring to anyone's boat. It was a line from a movie.
  4. Bill Britton

    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    Ya can't polish a tuyd, but you can roll it in glitter!
  5. Nope. I don't have any RG piston and sleeve's. Besides, that wouldn't be legal...
  6. Bill Britton

    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    1.25 inches is in the ballpark for width to start but could end up +/-. Length should be somewhere in the 5-6 length but like width could end up +/-. This is just an off the top guess. Experimentation with length, width, height, and placement is to be expected. Simple rule of thumb. If it still hooks with the pads installed do not add height, You may find that it may try hooking and sliding. Try moving them to the rear .5 to 1 inch at a time until it either works as intended or still has turning issues, or are to far back. If so add 1/8 to height and move to front and start again. Shoot for approx 1/4 between top of pad to edge of sponson for gap. This will be a trial and error sort of thing. Width, length, height, placement is all yours to play with. Keep at it and you will find the sweet spot. Good luck
  7. Those are the RG piston sleeves. If you have a stock of them I would hoard them like a mofo...
  8. It could be just me but I've also noticed that the sleeve seems to be pinched differently now as well. The new batches allow the piston to be pushed almost flush( or just over) with the top of the sleeve with your finger. No kidding. I've gotten two p/s sets from Shaw in the last year and both were like that. I just received another one from Shaw in the last two weeks and it is the same. Gone is the feeling of solid compression when you put in a new set and turn it over. You do feel pinch, but the compression is not like it felt in the water cooled version. After the motor has broken in you can feel the bump come in. but it is much easier to kill a p/s set now by overheating it.
  9. Air cooled head, Extended can, and now rod. Other than that they are identical. Oh yeah. The price is different too...
  10. Bill Britton

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    I'm always looking for a good prop Mark. That's the big pusher you sent me a few weeks ago on the boat in the pics. I love it. I'll call you tomorrow evening about it.
  11. Bill Britton

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    There will be a few at SOWEGA in May Carl. And i have always put my on/off switch on the right side. I know it's the wrong side but i like to be different.
  12. Bill Britton

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    Thank you Jerry. Your comments are highly appreciated considering your tunnel plans are what inspired me over ten years ago. The original Sniper was heavily based on those plans. The Hellraiser is a culmination of everything I have learned in the years since then. I remember the first time meeting you was high honor for me. I used to read your columns in the model airplane rags in the early eighties as a teenager.
  13. Bill Britton

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    A new Hellraiser prototype that I have been working on. It will be racing in the stock class at the 2019 Winter Nitro Championships in Dover FL. on January 18th. If you plan on going to this race you may want to look for this one. The driver will be John Otto.
  14. Bill Britton

    .21 outboad Whats the best servo to suit.

    I use Savox also. SC-1201MG for steering and SW-0250MG for throttle and third channel.
  15. Bill Britton

    Prop shaft elevation for Dunlap-27 ?

    Personally I would start significantly lower than that. Center of shaft even with the board with neutral thrust to start and go up/down from there. +/- thrust as needed. CG will be a factor as well.