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  1. Kevin Sheren

    F/S: .12 Twin Black Rigger

    Yes they are. The boat was originally built for me. It is a piece of art work. Kevin
  2. Kevin Sheren

    Happy Birthday Paul Stirton

    Happy Birthday Paul! Have a great day. Kevin
  3. Kevin Sheren

    Sport 20 floor mount.

    Sorry Sam I don't have any left. Kevin
  4. Kevin Sheren

    Sport 20 floor mount.

    Sam I will look Monday. I may have 1 like Brad M has. Kevin
  5. Kevin Sheren

    Silent Engines Tom Driver

    Sorry to here about Tom. He was a great guy. RIP my friend. Cindy you will be in our prayers. Kevin & Shannon
  6. Kevin Sheren

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    If it was glass it is a Prather, wood will be a Octura Wingding.
  7. Kevin Sheren

    Electric Rules

    First off guys I don't have a dog in this hunt. Something everyone that proposes a rule change needs to think about and it doesn't matter if it is IMPBA or NAMBA. Is the following copied from the IMPBA rule book. It doesn't need to be in the NAMBA rule book it is JUST COMMON SENSE. It is just good for model boating!!!! Guideline: Does it benefit the IMPBA, and does it benefit the membership? (It must benefit both) I understand it is not an IMPBA issue but replace the name IMPBA with ORGANIZATION and it will work. It needs to benefit the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION NOT JUST A SELECT FEW. End of my rant. Kevin
  8. Kevin Sheren

    Name that Rigger

    Water Spider nose is to long for a Coyote.
  9. Kevin Sheren

    WTB MUTT 2 SPORT 40 $$$$$$$$$

    Here is his contact info on Iwaters. http://www.intlwaters.com/index.php?showuser=1907 Kevin
  10. Kevin Sheren

    F/S: .12 Twin Rigger

    Yes it is a Blackjack. Brad built it for me a few years back.Build quality is second to none. From me it went to Mark S. Its really a nice boat. Kevin
  11. Kevin Sheren

    Is the Dock down again?

    Reading is good http://www.jrcbd.com/forum/announcement.php?f=2
  12. Kevin Sheren

    CC Racing Engines

    I think he is at the SEMA show in Vegas.
  13. Kevin Sheren

    NAMBA President

    Congrats AL!!
  14. Kevin Sheren

    Heads up guys - don't ignore your body!

    Get better soon Terry. Shannon and I will keep you in our prayers. Kevin
  15. Kevin Sheren

    Boat and engine

    Here are pics of Daniel's motors. Kevin