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  1. ABMods

    2nd Annual Wine Run

    Cant wait to see the gassers run! I'll end up with another gasser after the race im sure. I'm already wanting another... This is just going to make it even worse! And it doesnt help when Randy runs his gas rigger out there when were running either Those boats are very impressive!
  2. ABMods

    2nd Annual Wine Run

    This will be my 1st race so im looking foward to meeting everyone , racing and having a good time. I run up there on a regular basis with the guys and have a blast. Very nice place and good guys! I actually JUST got home from running there. See all of you at the race!
  3. ABMods

    os outboard

    I just bought another one this week
  4. ABMods

    Is that the Fat lady singing ?

    I run both gas and nitro. Gas is cheaper to maintain IMO as the fuel is a fraction of the cost of nitro. I have burnt up almost 140$ worth of fuel in the past month or so in my tunnell... I run my own small modding buisness so my mods are all free So that keeps alot of the cost down. Another thing is that i just run a sport tunnell with a OS and im not running modified class where im running high $ CMBs ect. Sport class seems to be pretty cheap to me compared to modified. One thing that suprised me was how much props were for these little nitro tunnells. I paid 46$ for a prop thats not even half the size of my gas props i pay 45-50$ for fully done up... I think alot of the stuff for nitro is over priced honestly. As is alot of the parts for gas boats as well but IMO nitro is worse as the internal parts you have to go through more often, and the price on that is deffinatly higher. I can re-ring my gas engine for 6$ Itll take 80$ to do the same with my OS outboard (P/S). I think one reason is because RC boats are kind of underground compared to say RC nitro cars. Theres not near as many big companys making things for the boats as there are cars. Therefor making the cost higher as its not in bulk and alot of it is custom parts/props ect. So basically i think gas is cheaper in the long run. Maybe not the initial price of getting one goin but after maintaining a gas for a few months then looking at the price i spent alone on nitro in the last 1.5 months.... My gas boat has been cheaper to maintain by far. But i like both equally, so i guess no matter what the cost all of us that love it will find a way to pay for our fix
  5. Well i got a couple short videos of my gas mono today. The first one is a nice little blow over. I had just thrown it in for the little session and was warming it up as you can tell by how rich it is and ooopsss prop is too high and it blows over 2nd vid I lowered the prop shaft and leaned it out a little bit, as it needed. Enjoy! Blow over http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7618372113194905905 Reaming vid http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2628166196099323043
  6. Is there gonna be another race at the whinery this year?? If so ill deffinatly be there.
  7. Thanks! The white tunnell was still in break in on the motor. It still has alot of metal pinch.. Soon as that goes away and seats in itll get alot better And i dont think im ready to go to a big race... This is my 1st tunnell hull boat ever as im new to boating. I got into it late in the summer with a gas boat. And have went from there. And i can say one thing... its been a blast and something i never thought id enjoy so much! Having a good knowledgable friend help you along the way like Mike REALLY helps I actually was out today with my mono and blew it over and had bad landing.. seperated the top from the hull in a place and cracked the deck a little.. So off to Mikes its goin Im sure Itll look 10xs better and be alot stronger when i got it back as well. Prolly throw some color on it while its there to brighten it up some as well.
  8. Well i dunno if you guys like videos, but i thought id post a vid i made a couple weeks ago. This is one of the very first times i had my sport 20 out. The gas mono is a Aeromarine Challenger 43 pro with a zenoah 26 with a mid mod motor modded by myself of course. It GPSs in the high 50s as is. This was prolly one of our last decent days to run around here as its getting cold... and we had a blast! Not saying that i havent been running since then in the cold Hope you guys enjoy the video. www.abmods.com/videos/boatvidatpark.wmv
  9. ABMods

    OS Flex Shafts

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Lawless for getting me my shafts so quickly, and at a great price!
  10. ABMods

    Various items for sale

    Ill take a 3.5 pro pipe as well if available. Shipped to USA 47150. Let me know.
  11. ABMods

    Header adaptor 21 XM

    Pics would be nice, and a link to buy these parts would also be good. Id just like to buy a PROVEN part instead of having to do alot of R&D on a pipe myself.
  12. ABMods

    Header adaptor 21 XM

    So is there anyone that sells a tuned pipe setup for the OS thats complete ??
  13. ABMods

    OS Flex Shafts

    Lawless has a great deal on these shafts. I ordered 3 and cant wait to try em out. I was snapping the OS shafts like they were candy... Boat wasnt bouncing or anything either. I am actually very disapointed in the OS shafts...