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  1. Olly

    Orlic head water outlet thread sizing?

    Its 10-32
  2. Olly

    New 40" Voodoo

    Nice looking boat.
  3. Olly

    21 mono race

    Always fun running a 20 mono. Olly
  4. Hi Oscar I see in the rule book there is a size for the number on the boat but it doesn't specify where it is to be located. What do most people do to meet this requirement? Thanks Olly
  5. Olly

    Engineering's been busy!

    That's bigger than a bummer:(
  6. I think this is the super coupler Mike is talking about.
  7. Olly

    Rossi Glow Plugs

    Hi Al Will you be bringing plugs to the NAMBA Nats ?
  8. Anyone else going from Canada ?
  9. Olly

    Pride of Pay N PAK

    Nice Olly
  10. I'm in too. Texas here I come. Olly
  11. Olly

    Hall of Fame Inductee

    This is good to hear Dave. Congratulations. Olly
  12. Olly

    New ABC props?

    It was around 49/50ish mph before with a 16/14/3 blade chopper.
  13. Tony you have a pm
  14. Olly

    90 mono

    Looks good
  15. Olly

    Andy Brown.67 Billet pipe

    $5 Now that is a Deal lol Olly