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  1. gooycheese

    what is the fastest oval class impba

    I always like d & e hydro for heat racing.... record trials all can be fast, but it's not a plug and play game...lotsa trial and error... we all know Martin has invested lotsa time getting his boats where they are...like wise people like Stu and many others have spent lotsa time getting there heat race boats where they are... Good luck in your quest for speed.
  2. gooycheese

    Dhydro Rollcall

    Very nice everyone...
  3. gooycheese

    Jae 45 is now done.

    I am no expert, I would say follow butch's advice. From what I have always heard there is nothing exact. What works for you should be just fine. Make sure ya got room too put the belt on the flywheel and enough room for your carb and consider your 3rd channel needle if ya got one. Hope this helps a bit
  4. gooycheese

    Happy Birthday Big

    Happy Big Bryon!!! Hope your day was Awesome!!!
  5. gooycheese

    New FREE Boat Plan

    Cool look forward to seeing a vid.... like the boat
  6. gooycheese

    Happy Birthday Gooeycheese

    Thank you Wally.... I plan on racing this yr.
  7. gooycheese

    Novarossi at Answer RC

    Ya might wanna include the link to the websight... just to see what your talkin about. ...
  8. gooycheese

    Nova Rossi vs. CMB

    I have had both cmb and nova rossi.... parts are easy from both Stu Barr and Ron Shaw. Run what ya like or makes ya happy. ...
  9. gooycheese

    Sport 12 Hydro class

    You haven't been to a RTR race in District 14. They will smoke a .12 Sport Hydro. Good luck to any rtr that thinks it will beat a good sport .12
  10. gooycheese

    Abusing the CD's

    I Agree 100%
  11. gooycheese

    New IMPBA Hall Of Fame Member

    Congratz Mike !!!
  12. gooycheese

    Fresh thoughts from Siberia

    Congratz... they do look awesome!
  13. How are you re enforcing the area where the turn fin is mounting?
  14. gooycheese

    Neon Paint

    I will say ya gotta use white primer.... grey primer makes the neon orange turn to brown.