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  1. Randy Rapedius


  2. Randy Rapedius

    Name that Hull

    Not sure who the owner is up here in Canada. I don’t think he’s a racer. He wants to sell the boat and engine together.
  3. Randy Rapedius

    CAN AM 2019

    Anything that proves it’s YOUR trailer should be sufficient. I’ve travelled over the border hundreds of times with my boats/trailer and have NEVER had an issue.
  4. Randy Rapedius

    Name that Hull

    Hi Bob. I currently do not have the engine. I saw it posted on Craigslist up here in Canada. He’s asking what you are offering. [emoji4]
  5. Randy Rapedius

    Name that Hull

    Hi guys. What hull is this? Also, what does a brand new never started K&B sell for?
  6. Randy Rapedius

    CAN AM 2019

    Matt Schofield is correct. The CAN-AM for 2019 will be on Aug 24/25. Glad you and the family will be coming. You will not be disappointed.
  7. Randy Rapedius

    nitro catamerans

    Lots of fun back in the day.
  8. Randy Rapedius

    NLMBC swap meet

    Hey Ron. Thanks for the nice feedback. Always great seeing you. I know I made a few bucks. Now I have to take Roxy out for dinner. Lol.
  9. Randy Rapedius

    Complete Nitro Racing Package

    Rapedius Prop? Wow! Figured those were all at the bottom of ponds by now. Lol. Someone should buy this package and part it out.
  10. Randy Rapedius

    Name that rigger (again)

    Sponsons look like Roadrunner.
  11. Randy Rapedius

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    Grim is right. I’ll add to these comments with one of my experiences. I have a CF cowl on my T Boat. A few years ago at the Nats I forgot to push the extended antenna of my Futaba FASST Receiver through the little hole in the cowl. Yep, fail safe kicked in on the backstretch and there went any chance of winning that class. Lesson learned.
  12. Randy Rapedius

    O’Donnell Glow Plugs

    You’re welcome.
  13. Randy Rapedius

    Hardware - $10 Sale

    It’s yours. PayPal received. Usually takes 1-2 weeks coming from Canada. Thanks.
  14. Randy Rapedius

    Hardware - $10 Sale

    Each item is $10 US and includes regular Air Mail shipping. 1. 3.5 Adjustable Outboard Mount 2. SOLD 3. Used 21 Speedmaster Rudder blade. My paypal is randy_rap@cogeco.ca