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  1. rippinwater

    glow plugs

    I buy the k&b 7300’s 48 at a time direct from mecoa. I think I pay around $4.60 a plug(if my memory serves me correctly) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. rippinwater

    Nelson 45 Inboard

    I’ll take it for $150 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. rippinwater

    Phil Thomas Sport 20

    I'll do 300 shipped what's your PP address ?
  4. rippinwater

    WTB K&B 3.5SS lower

    mecoa has them in stock
  5. rippinwater

    Painting K&B lower unit

    Alumaprep, zinc chromate primer, and then paint. Maybe Mercury Phantom Black for the paint.
  6. rippinwater

    Gizmo Hobby Starter Box w/Lipos

    You don't need a switch, just use a 2 prong plug on the cord and flip it over when you want to switch polarity.
  7. rippinwater

    OS 40 A Carb

    Does a rotor stop screw from an OS 9B carb fit the 40 A carb?
  8. rippinwater

    Nova Rossi T21M Engine, Pipe & Header for Sale

    Is this the 3 , 5, or 7 port engine?
  9. rippinwater


    Yes, it is a PT hull that I bought from a fellow racer about 4 years ago, ready to run, for 300 bucks. One of the best heat racing boats I've ever owned.
  10. rippinwater

    Untitled Album

  11. Do you guys think this method of break in should be done all new nitro engines? Just asking because I have been lapping all of my pistons for years and wouldn't mind trying this method on a couple of new non-novarossi engines that I have.
  12. rippinwater

    K&B super pro outboard engine

    I would take it for $250 shipped if that's ok.
  13. rippinwater

    Mike Crawford Tunnel for Sale

    I'll give you 100.00 shipped for the engine to 98370
  14. Looking for a pipe and header for a friend with limited funds....anybody have any extras laying around?