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  1. HTV Boats

    Zipkits Outboard Rigger

    You are correct, cavitation plates serve no function, other than holding your water pickup or a place to mount a tune pipe bracket. Mic
  2. HTV Boats

    WTB Futaba 3 ch Fasst TX

    Thanks guys. Mark I will give you a call later today. Mic
  3. HTV Boats

    WTB Futaba 3 ch Fasst TX

    Looking for a 3PM transmitter with or without receiver. (non modular) Mic
  4. HTV Boats


    Ronnie. To me these receivers that receive and transmit signals (I have used Nomadio also) seem to be delicate when it comes to moisture. and range. I guess Corrosion X wouldn't hurt but if I had a new RX I would consider conformal coating. Mic
  5. HTV Boats

    Zipkits Outboard Rigger

    I could reverse my plate and run the rudder left or right. Try both for sure and see which turns better and requires less steering offset to go straight. Nice job on the mod to the front of the Hyperformnace. Let us know how that works out. Mic
  6. HTV Boats

    Zipkits Outboard Rigger

    I understand that a nitro rigger benefits from the ski for launching. That said you can get away without the ski on FE due to instant torque. Ron has experience with FE tunnels and I have FE mono's, cats, tunnels, plus 4 riggers "P spec, P and Q. One other thing the ski does is create an even waterline to the prop which to me is more important. I have to friends running P spec outboard JAE's that handle well with OS lowers. I have run the Hyperformance lower on tunnels and the front that mimics a full size speedmaster is a nightmare to trim. Just trying to share our knowledge and Rod has forgot more than the rest of us know. Mic
  7. HTV Boats


    I bought 4 Proton RX's and when they get wet they seem to loose signal. Even after drying them and applying Corrosion X they never have worked reliably the same. When working what a great setup tool. Any GPS can record top speed but real time corner entry and exit speeds really help. Mic
  8. HTV Boats

    Zipkits Outboard Rigger

    Rod is correct, loose that lower unit and put a ski back on. The rear sponsons only create buoyancy and shouldn't touch while running. My 21 nitro JAE holds the COB-hydro 2 lap record with Jerry Crowther driving a Ron Drake motor. I played with offset rudders left and right on the OS lower. Left out far enough to not disturb water on the leading edge of the prop seemed to turn best. The JAE 1450 cut prop works well and an ABC 1817 does better. Even with standard skeg the OS lower will hold a 2-3 watt motor. We use it on full "P" tunnels. Mic
  9. HTV Boats

    hobby stores ft myers ?

    Paradise Hobbies in Ft Myers has a couple RTR boats but not much else boat wise. On Sundays Walt Barney usually has his trailer with him and props and parts at the Sheriffs Dept pond on Six Mile Cypress just east of Hyw 41 Mic
  10. HTV Boats

    Hopper tanks

    http://sullivanproducts.com/product/slant-oval/ I have used hopper tanks for too many years. What I have found using a flow meter is the extra fuel tube and tank have significant resistance to fuel flow verses just a single tank. I cant remember loosing a heat running out of fuel with a simple round or rectangular tank that was filled before the heat. The issue for me is height of fuel level and ease of fuel draw to the carb. Going to an upright slant oval I get a taller fuel supply and less chance of fuel slosh. Not an easy mount but narrow enough for steering rods to straddle. Mic
  11. HTV Boats

    .46 props

    I have seen some 1450's run well on the Vision. That said I like the ABC's and X series better. The 1/4 mile record was with a cut down X448 and the 1/3rd mile we ran the 1915 ABC. We have not had great success with the 1915 heat racing. If I could have only one prop it would be an X547. Then an 1815 for heats. Run deeper with less diameter and finish. JMO Mic
  12. HTV Boats

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Just because a class is in the book doesn't mean it will be supported at races. The other side if there are too few or non current options you kill potential builders. Local clubs and groups of racers will build classes that fit their interests. I have "Q" tunnels on the shelf for outboard events and open OB classes. They get heat raced once or twice a year. What does promote people getting involved is cost. This is why Spec/Limited classes are popular. That's a great base to build on and not having an organized rule structure doesn't help. We are finally on the race schedule here in D-3 Florida and have 4 spec classes plus P&Q with cats and monos combined. For our growth in classes past limited, twins could inhibit people. When you have to spend twice the money to compete you may not build. Sure the first twins will get beat for a while but once sorted out they will dominate. Kind of like combining sport hydro's and riggers to get things going. Eventually the riggers will win out. We just need to build classes and numbers. The point here is keep the future and rules in mind, plus be open to changes to encourage new racers. Or just have "Q" tunnels collecting dust all but two events a year. Mic
  13. HTV Boats

    Sure seems dead around here.

    I started running outboards in the late 70;s and since then tunnel designs have come a long way. Tommy Lee is the "Babe Ruth" of tunnel racing for sure. That said there is still room for improvement in hulls. Some of the record holding boats are one off hulls that were never available and not heat raced. Carl's record hulls have excelled with boats you will see in heat racing. Shawn's Visions we set a couple records with are hulls that have run heats with for many years. I know the new engines are superior to the K&B's but over the years I have seen some K&B's that were very fast. One thing in oval records to remember is Horsepower in nice but cornering speed is what sets records. Props are also improving year after year. Good to see new boats being produced and sold. Wish we had a few more down here in Florida as we have to travel north for competition these days. Mic
  14. HTV Boats

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    IMPBA allows twins in Q and above. NAMBA allows twins in P and above. The IMPBA cat SAW records respectively are: P-78.508 mph (NAMBA P record w twins - 102.881 mph) Q- 112.163 S- 128.278 T-119.836 The Mono records are: P-79.730 Q-77.293 S-79.874 T-91.974 Hydros, Sport Hydros and Tunnels and similar in differences to Mono records Mic
  15. HTV Boats

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    The present FE rules for the most part were written before Lipo's and brushless motors became the norm. Twins vs single is pretty much a Cat issue at this point. If they each had their own record it would not affect much or many people. For SAW twins are far ahead of singles and in ovals it's just a matter of time. I have built a few single cats with respectable record times and can tell you Jeffs reference to someone getting their ass handed to them was me. If our local top gun takes his twin to record trials my records are toast. I would have to build a twin at some cost to compete. Is it fair? yes and no. I accept my singles records will fall but I'd have more respect for the driver that does it with a single over just out spending me. Again just adding separate records is pretty easy. Now for the real reason to address rules is cost. I see countless threads on how to attract new racers and yet we just keep rules that favor wallet racers. Look at the largest FE classes run numbers wise and it's Spec/Limited. Why? cost effective and somewhat level competition. Yet no consensus on this class. Lets move up to Q. Four guys built Q cats and a fifth comes in with a good twin. The 2 slower guys quit and now your class won't grow as any new talent will be discouraged building as single. To me having an exotic cool boat with no one to race is a waste. I would love to see a single motor 40X85mm limit "Q: class. Just a thought. Mic