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  1. misshydro

    INTERNATIONAL WATERS Christmas Giveaway!!!!!!

    would like to have that.12 if not spoken for? depends on the shipping cost..i;ll pm my info to you...
  2. misshydro

    T6 Budweiser Laser cut framing kit

    Bob any new pics of the progress yet???
  3. misshydro

    Nova rossi .12 marine engine for sale ..SOLD!!!

    This is a 5 port race engine.. say on the water botton T12-LT5-MP..not the 3 port.
  4. carbs are still for sale.. make me an offer on them.In the pic theres 2 O.S 20J carbs like I said I have.. the one Im selling is the one in the center and the .21 nova rossi carb.the other 20j Im keeping..can make a package deal too if you want?
  5. misshydro

    Nova rossi .12 marine engine for sale ..SOLD!!!

    complete motor with flywheel and flex coupler..as in the pic..
  6. i'm selling off some/most of my nitro stuff...So first off I'm selling my nova rossi .12 marine engine.. it still needs to be broken in/still have great pinch....this was going to go in joe's jae but desided to run GAS.. this was hydro robs engine..this is the complete package engine with flywheel and flex coupler.. asking 100.00 shipped in the US..SOLD TO MARK SHOLUND!!! payment pending.
  7. misshydro

    Super Charged .21

    Boy this topic been hashed out ON RCU and here for 4 years now.
  8. NOVA CARB ,price lowered!! 30.00 or best offer shipped!!
  9. yes There still advable....new price on the O.S 20J 30.00 shipped..Im going to selling more nitro stuff shortly..im going to switch over to gas..
  10. you got pm...ok also for sale a card of o'donnells blue for 35.00 shipped
  11. misshydro

    WTB Pro Boat 1/12 Wings

    you mean tail fins? or the steel rod subport that hold them from rocking side to side?I should have those tail fins,laying around some where in the garage..
  12. nope...remember i have 2 of them..i can post pics of both of them to prove to you,,
  13. I have 2 .21's carbs for sale.. One is a Nova Rossi high end needle been removed and the other is a O.S 20 J carb thats been machined down to 14mm and has a brass sleve to go to 15mm.I got both carbs the way they are..I didnt do anything to them...Both are in great working order..Asking 35 shipped on each in the US..will be posting more stuff for sale this weekend..will be selling a card of o donalds blue too......O.S20J SOLD TO JOE STEELE!!
  14. misshydro

    Autocad Engine Blocks

    last weekend i'd watched ,this old house..well these guys are restoring and putting on addion to a 150 yearold house..the owner has a company that makes 1&2 d drawings into 3 D models..He made 3 d models of his addion before the build starts and there in color...his machine is cool..it print and builds the 3d drawing with ink and this powered...the model is done in colors too..after it buids the model,then he blows off the model and drips it into clear epoxy..if you want i can try to find that guy..its on tomarrow around 11 or 12..on pbs..alot of guys go to him to see how there design models actually looks like..oops sorry i didnt pay attenion/read this thread wright..you just wanted 2 D..well i'll leave what id posted on for other guys if there interested..