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  1. Martin ran 123+ with his brand new 45 boat (I believe it was only the second time the boat had been run!). I understand he never got to run with the water good enough to try for a backup pass. He also ran 130ish with his 90 boat! GQ
  2. Glenn Quarles

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Friends, SpeedWeek has been scheduled for February 2-10, 2019 at Blue Lake, in Valdosta GA. Complete details can be found in the IMPBA schedule. GQ
  3. Glenn Quarles

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Thanks Mikey!! Yeah that rpm won’t really work for what I’m doing. Thanks for looking! GQ
  4. Glenn Quarles

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Thanks Mikey!! Just let me know. GQ
  5. Glenn Quarles

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Steve, that is a good point on the shipping cost! I am going to continue checking around here for an old washer or drier motor. Thanks again for all the suggestions guys!! GQ
  6. Glenn Quarles

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Thanks guys! I was looking for something on the cheap that was just sitting around someone’s garage. GQ
  7. Glenn Quarles

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    Friends, I am lookin for either a 3/4 or 1 hp, 115 volt electric motor for a new project. Something around 1750 rpm or less would be best. thanks! GQ
  8. Had a great time with y’all today!!! Great weather, great pond and most of all great friends!! GQ
  9. Glenn Quarles

    Happy Birthday John Beardslee

    HBD John!!! See you tomorrow in Flint... GQ
  10. Hey guys, it looks like Donna and I will be able to make it as well!! See y’all Saturday morning! GQ
  11. Glenn Quarles

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks Jack, that means a lot coming from you!!! I can’t wait to you guys again one day! Maybe you and Steve can come out to Valdosta one day and set some IMPBA records! GQ
  12. Glenn Quarles

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    Hi Jeff, most of my boats are at least part carbon, including the radio box lid, and I’ve nerve had a problem with the exposed antenna. Hope to see you at Blue Lake again sometime!! GQ
  13. Glenn Quarles

    octura twin wing ding

    DJ, please make tracings of all the parts and offer them for sale!!! GQ
  14. Glenn Quarles

    WTB Dumas SK Daddle 40

    I bought a complete kit from Dumas for that boat a couple years ago. GQ