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  1. Hydro Junkie

    Total Boat Epoxy

    Nice, 20 minutes of working time. I can see a major difference between Total Boat and West Systems. Total Boat specifically says that you can add solvents to the mix, West Systems says not to. I guess, for those that want to make their epoxy thinner, this is the product for them.
  2. Hydro Junkie

    Total Boat Epoxy

    Never heard of it. Stuff is fairly spendy though. $48 shipped for a quart of resin and a pint of hardener seems a little high, especially since they don't give you the working time in the description. Then again, I pay $40 per quart of 105 resin and $20 for a half pint of slow set 206 hardener for West Systems. The big difference I see is that West Systems uses a 5:1 ratio with the 205 and 206 hardeners or 3:1 with the 207 and 209 hardeners, making it slightly more economical to use than Total Boat's 2:1 mix.
  3. Hydro Junkie

    My toy came today

    Could be worse, Terry. It could have been made on the other side of the International Date Line, like Grizzly and the stuff sold by Harbor Freight. I've heard very little good come out of the people that bought those. They are normally complaining about how much work they have to do to get the stuff to work properly. BTW, Mike, you can ship that over to my place any time you get bored of using it
  4. Hydro Junkie

    1/8 scale boat weight

    We have the same thing going on in NAMBA 8. Many of the drivers like to "troll" up to the line and then smash the trigger to start. This is where my heavy boat will probably not be able to compete. With all of the weight in the nose of the boat, I suspect that the prop will try to "climb" out of the water with the result being the boat will try to dive. This is where working on milling and hitting the start will be a help. I know I'm a terrible starter, just due to that very reason, lack of practice
  5. Hydro Junkie

    1/8 scale boat weight

    Some can and some can't. Weight is only one factor. As you know, sponson design, bottom profile, boat balance, prop and thrust angle all make a difference. My heavy boat has a lot of weight in the front of the sponsons so I'd be surprised if it could beat a lighter boat. I would expect it to try to submarine rather than jump up and run
  6. Hydro Junkie

    1/8 scale boat weight

    My 2000 Elam is also around 14. I'm hoping that the boats I'm building now are in the 12 to 14 range as well. That said, I've seen boats that weighed as little as 8 pounds and have a FG boat that someone else assembled that overloaded my kitchen scale at well over 15 with only the motor, motor mount, drive train, rudder and skid fin. It really comes down to how you want your boat to handle. IF you want a boat that's glued down, build it heavier. If you want a boat that will "fly" over the water, go for a lighter build. Something you need to remember is that a lighter boat will blow over easier while a heavy boat won't accelerate as quick and is harder on the right sponson transom since that's where the most stress is during the corners.
  7. Hydro Junkie

    Email Notifications

    Oh my gosh, he's alive
  8. Hydro Junkie

    Another winter project.

    But Joey, I have a security clearance. Isn't that enough?
  9. Hydro Junkie

    Electric starters. Gas pulleys and belts.

    I know you can get the inserts from Sullivan, possibly the pulley as well. Maybe Daniel can adapt one to fit one of his starters. Just a thought. Here's the link to their website: http://sullivanproducts.com/product-category/starter-accessories/
  10. Hydro Junkie

    Server Update and logging back in...

    It would be on the right side, where people would put things they were up to. It was also above the also missing latest posts box
  11. Hydro Junkie

    Server Update and logging back in...

    Hadn't thought about those. Avatar is just a letter in a circle, was assuming it would be back when the IW skins was reinstalled. Private messages are there but, again, no avatar. Just noticed, as well, that the update section is also missing
  12. Hydro Junkie

    Server Update and logging back in...

    As you probably already know, the online list and stats at the bottom of the forum page are not there yet. Haven't found anything else yet
  13. Hydro Junkie

    A few boats for sale

    Bob, you are correct on the sport 40. It is, in fact, an apparently discontinued Dumas Eagle. I just checked the Dumas website and found it's no longer listed.
  14. Hydro Junkie

    Used CMB 67 motor

    Ed, if Ron wants it, he can have it. Since I only said I was interested, he was the first to actually claim it and I'm good with that
  15. Hydro Junkie

    W.T.B. cowling and decals

    Unfortunately, I can't give it away for that. Even without the CF added, that cowl still runs $110 from RCBC, and that's also without shipping