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  1. Hydro Junkie


    I know, but I don't know if I really have anything to trade with at this point either. I'll have to check when I get home and see what I have though I can tell you I don't have any riggers since I've never run them.
  2. Hydro Junkie


    DAMN, wish I had some extra cash as I'd take it off your hands right now
  3. Hydro Junkie


    Which race were you at? There was a gentleman and his son at showed up at our last Twin Lakes race, mid September, that I spent some time talking to, after I had to pull my boat out of competition for the day. I'm just wondering if that was you or not
  4. Hydro Junkie

    1/8 Winston Lobster Tail

    I hoped you knew I was kidding. I'm assuming that's what the LMAO is for I've seen some machinists that practically bathe in Dykum. It doesn't matter what they're cutting, it's bathed in Dykum first. I will admit, it does interesting things to the appearance of fir as well, kind of ruins it for any other finishing though
  5. Hydro Junkie

    1/8 Winston Lobster Tail

    Aren't you supposed to use the blue marking fluid instead of tape? I might have a bottle in my garage someplace
  6. Hydro Junkie

    84 Frank Kenney

    Looks more like round or aero tubing to me. I have to agree, the wing could be a problem if the boat blows over. I'd fasten it to the top of the framing with nylon screws
  7. Hydro Junkie

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    I don't think we have Jackson Oil Co in Washington, unless that's the Jackson's Shell chain and I know they don't have higher than 91 octane
  8. Hydro Junkie

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    You sound like me, I'll be checking out Arlington Airport. I figure, if they say no, I'll give the Barn a call since Smokey Point is only 6 miles away. Thanks
  9. Hydro Junkie

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    Tom, were do you buy that? Since I'm only an hour or so from you, it can't be that far for me to drive. BTW, I spend $30+ per gallon for 50% nitro fuel so $27 isn't that bad
  10. Hydro Junkie

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    Normally, anything over 100 octane is aviation fuel. You should be able to purchase it at any local airport though you might have to jump through a few hoops. Since avgas is leaded(last I knew anyway), some airports don't like to sell it to anyone with a gas can as they suspect it may go into a car, something that is technically illegal, especially for any car that was equipped with a catalytic converter
  11. Hydro Junkie

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    The square cut part would be the flex shaft at one or both ends and the couplers, the ferrile or collet It would either be soldered into the ferrile and floating in the collet or left floating at the ferrile and clamped into the collet. Either way, it will eliminate binding at the engine bearings
  12. Hydro Junkie

    Stainless Square drive Ferrule's FOUND

    Dave, I have a square drive 1/4 that I bought from Aeromarine so, yes, they DID make them. I haven't tried to order from Aeromarine in a few years so I don't know if that's still the case
  13. Hydro Junkie

    1/6th Scale Winston Lobster

    A square drive doesn't get "clamped" in a collet like a round cable would. It, therefore, floats in the collet. This has the advantage of not putting any force against the crank which, in turn, would put pressure on the rear bearing and back plate. Since there wouldn't be any axial pressure on the engine, it will give more RPM with less stress on the engine parts
  14. Hydro Junkie

    "Trim the Fleet" sale

    You posted, on GA-8, a heavy duty servo. Which servo is it? Futaba has several heavy duty servos across a wide range of prices
  15. Hydro Junkie

    Phill Thomas Stealth 45

    I've got a question for Phil: Does the strut have to be transom mounted or can it be mounted through the bottom of the hull? I'm not normally a fan of glass boats but I like the looks of this one. Might get shot for asking but, then again, what the heck