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  1. 1outlaw

    Vegas 4 sale

    Um not with what im offering...Did you read the add????....RTR miss vegas comes with plastic prop,brass coupler,and stock turn fin. no nicads,no charger,no glowplug and charger. Mine comes with Full nicads and charger Glow and charger Stock rudder and T.L. ridder Stock prop and T.L. 435 prop Grim fin and T.L. turn fin Stock coupler and octura coupler Add it up bro over 400.00 into it. it was a great deal James from Twisted Liquid bought it....Boat is sold
  2. 1outlaw

    Vegas 4 sale

    My son and i are moving on to gas boats here is one of the Vegas's we have...I will have another late next week as soon as it gets out of the paint shop. We are surounded by gas boats down here so its a must if we want to race..Thanks for looking. http://www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?itemId=231708
  3. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    What have you modded to get it to 40+??? Those are impresive #'s but no way stock..
  4. Awesome races guys...Very well organized event...First time to watch a race and it was a delight....Also put a hurtin on my checkbook...lol...Went out and bought a Crackerbox yesterday.....
  5. 1outlaw

    21 hydro

    Can i get pics please???
  6. 1outlaw

    official 100mph record in the UK

    Awesome.....Great job and congrats....
  7. 1outlaw

    OT- looks like it's cold up there......

    Ya'll keep that crap there.....I will be in Miami watchin the boat races in some beautiful mid 80's weather.....
  8. Please tell us more.... Bone stock, mods allowed,Age's allowed???? I have a 12 year old son that wants in...
  9. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    On the advice of Don i took a deep breath.... First of all i was not bashing T.L., James or there products....Nor did i want to drag others into this..As far as others having problems i wasnt aware of that and havent heard that...I have edited my post i suggest the rest of you that qouted to do the same...This should be about making the miss vegas fast not this crap... Now just to defend myself.....Yes i had shipping problems with T.L. both dealings...The first one wasnt there fault at all but still frustrating...Then i placed a order with them again for a Vegas,a turn fin,and a 435 prop...It took 2 weeks to arrrive...Frustrated again then i found no controller and wrong prop...No biggie but frustration growing..(simpleover see on there part could have happend to anybody)....Now out running the boat and having to dump out lots of water every run due to the stream and having trouble setting the turn fin correctly...Which we never could get right...So frustation grows some more...I post here not meaning to bash just wanted some ideas and insight...Then day 2 of running it never did get turn fin figured out and on top of that the boat ended up with a crack....Still got the stream runnin into the boat on top of that....In all my frustration i posted more here that i really shouldnt have.... The way i see it if i would have gottten the right prop the first time would have saved alot of frustration and heres how.....The Modded T.L. strut is the water flow into the boat due to there elongated hole...We switched struts out and the spray went away...Now for the prop part...If i would have gotten the 435 that i ordered i would have had the strut set at 1/2" below pad and that hole wouldnt have been there. But due to having to run the 535 prop you must run the strut deeper allowing the hole to catch water...Im sure the wrong prop being sent is a over sight on there part...I just wanted everyone to see where my frustration came from..... James i hope you reading this you'll understand where my mind was at.... Now as far as the crack James yes you see a tiny chip out of that front sponson but let me tell you first its tiny and second it came out of the box with that chip.....I will get you several views of that sponson and you will see the boat doesnt have a scratch in it....It just seems to be a stress crack....No i dont want to send the boat back.....Its a 2" long stress crack that can be epoxied without insident. All im asking for is the prop i ordered, Some info on getting this turn fin to work..... James your more then welcome to give me a call....Im alittle calmer now..
  10. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    Pointless post
  11. 1outlaw

    Spectrum radio's and receivers

    A buddy of mine runs the Futabe 3PK with the spectrum system....All he had was problems today...He runs a gas hydro thats well into the 80's and lost signal and failsafe didnt kick in...Needless to say it stuck itself into the mud bank a good 8".... .....Then it did it again but the fail safe kicked in...Not sure what the prob was needless to say should be a interesting race in Miami next weekend...
  12. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    Pointless post
  13. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    Pointless post
  14. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    Pointless post
  15. 1outlaw

    Miss Vegas

    Got another Vegas finally delivered to me yesterday....I got it from T.L. and also purchased there turn fin..Im not sure if its adjusted properly or its just the nature of there fin, but it seems in the straightaways if you put any type of left in put into it it pulls the boat down...The other Vegas we have has the Grim racer fin on it and it doesnt do that and reacts well on left turns...T.L. turn fin the boat wont make a left turn unless you turn far and then the boat jumps out of the water...Grim's fin doesnt do that when making evasive maneuvers...[X(][X(] Anybody run the T.L. fin and can look and tell me if its adjusted right???...The orange and white boat runs the T.L fin and the blue and white runs the Grim's fin.... Also the orange and white one (new) has a annoying spray from the back and its hitting the top of the turbine, i sure its taking in water...The blue and white one doesnt have that spray and run the same hardware just different props???? Double decker boat stand for traveling that seperates when you have arrived....[]