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  1. mercguy

    Engine Bearings

    Mike I would like a set of #2 and #3 bearings. I don't do PP so is there another way I can pay you? Bill Hoch Stuart, Florida
  2. mercguy

    .67 spraybar hole .

    Tom I run 9B carbs on the .67 but remembered I had a brand new CMB carb that came on my .67 and the spray bar measures .078 according to the pin guage. Hope this helps Bill Hoch
  3. Tom You beat me to it. I went to the Ft Lauderdale race yesterday and missed it. Good catch. Bill Hoch
  4. mercguy


    David Very clever with the caliper etc. Can't wait to see how it runs. Bill
  5. mercguy


    David I have the same vertical mill and lathe but nothing I do looks that good. I guess I need an indexing head for all the multiple screws and glow plugs. Congratulations. Bill Hoch
  6. David Might need a twin for that. Bill
  7. David, The size limit for X single will be 1.26. LOL Bill Hoch
  8. mercguy

    Twin 90 rigger wanted

    Larry Great looking SGX. Looks like VAC .91's. Bill Hoch
  9. mercguy

    Name that Rigger

    Brad Didn't know you could build them either way. Learn something new every day I guess. I built a 60 and a 90 the same way. Good info. Bill
  10. mercguy

    Name that Rigger

    That is not a Avenger/Spider. The A/S had the transom recessed which also meant the rudder and strut were also recessed. The plywood sides extended past the transom creating the recess. I am looking at my A/S right now. I think Rick was closer with the Coyote. Bill Hoch
  11. mercguy

    model boat clubs near wilmington nc

    Thanks Ron Will contact Mitch Bill Hoch
  12. mercguy

    model boat clubs near wilmington nc

    Ron We are looking up in the Mooresville area and wondering about the club in Charlotte. Do you have any contact info on that club? Thanks Bill Hoch
  13. mercguy

    Battery Testing? NiMH

    Michael I was wrong the way I described it. The resistor should go across the plus and minus leads which would put a load on the battery pack. With the resistor in place you can then check the voltage across the leads and see how much it goes down. This is what a battery checker does. It puts a load across the battery and lets you see the voltage drop. Sorry about the misinformation. Bill
  14. mercguy

    Battery Testing? NiMH

    Michael If you can get to the leads to test the voltage you can put a 40 ohm resistor in series with the positive lead on the voltmeter to the battery and this will put about a 150 mA load on the battery . This is about the load that a system puts on the battery not including the servos. The resistor should be a 2 watt or more rating. They do get warm. You can buy them at Radio Shack. It may sound complicated but it is straight forward. Bill
  15. mercguy

    Anyone Know What this is?

    Getting back to the original post about the boat. Could it be a Dumas 21? I think they called it a Hawk. Bill