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  1. Happy Birthday Crusty!!!

    1. SayMikey


      Crusty is COLD and thirsty for Pie

  2. Tom Kelly

    CAN AM 2019

    We usually print out a flyer for the race and hand it to the border guard. It explains what, when, where...ect. Roll down your windows (if they are tinted), and take off your sunglasses so they can see who is in the car. Like John says, they are straight shooters, so no kidding around. It usually takes less than a minute.
  3. Tom Kelly

    2018 Hydrofest, Burton MI- August 12

    Jim Sign me up too!
  4. Tom Kelly

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    A little bit of rain on Saturday, but nothing near what was predicted. Got to see my buddy Bobby Morton and Tom Saddler's cool gasser Thanks Driftwood Club....especially the great retrieve boat crews.
  5. Tom Kelly

    Mini Gold Cup - Sunday June 3rd, 2018

    Just like John said. Had a fun day with my boat buddies. It was a little drippy at the start, but turned into a beautiful day. Thanks again to the Oakland / Wolverines.
  6. Tom Kelly

    Looking for this mount

    Let me know if you can't find one.
  7. Tom Kelly

    2018 Saginaw Bay Classic

    Deano Sent you an e-mail with my entries. See ya there. Tom
  8. Tom Kelly

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    Everybody likes their Celina shirts.
  9. Another year older, and I hope you don't act like it! LOL Hook up soon.
  10. Tom Kelly

    Rcboatcompany 108 hull.

    Teddy has one.
  11. Tom Kelly

    2017 District 2 Challenge

    I already entered via e-mail. Did you get it Mike?
  12. Tom Kelly

    Celina Summer Challenge

    ... But Jim......they did hit the clock.....a couple of times.
  13. Tom Kelly

    Celina Summer Challenge

    Thanks to Garry, Dan, Gus, the retrieve boat crew (Teddy's buddies all Saturday) and the whole Driftwood Club for a great race! We got 79 heats in Saturday despite the delays from thunderstorms with the lightning. We finished up around 4:00 on Sunday after getting the four rounds in. Made it home by 8:30 even through all the construction in Ohio. It was nice to remember Rick and Gene during the drivers meeting. Steve Ball getting his Hall Of Fame award was really nice too. If you haven't been to a race in Celina, don't miss it next year.