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  1. stephen

    2 K/B 3.5 inboards

    what the cost and will take paypal if you still have them. stephen
  2. stephen

    .67 K/B piston sleeves new

    Mark I received the two piston/sleeves today pack and in great shape, thanks again. Stephen
  3. stephen

    .67 K/B piston sleeves new

    Mark thank you, your money is on the way.
  4. stephen

    .67 K/B piston sleeves new

    Mark let me on the total and your email address then payment will be on it way. Stephen
  5. stephen

    .67 K/B piston sleeves new

    I take them if you take paypal 60 ducks if you still have them Stephen
  6. stephen

    Donation Drive Begins!

    Money on the way paypal keep up the goog work
  7. stephen


    I am looking for the phone number for micro burst
  8. stephen


    Three yrs ago I build JD 7.5 WOF tunnel and love the way it runs and handle but when going into a turn it likes to turnover . would be greatful for some help in this matter. have tried diff. thing.