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  1. I have given up on Duplicolor and other rattle can paint BUT need help! Does any one have a link to an instructional website? Any good tips? A have big air compressor, several models with various rattle can painted fiberglass models and one Kloss Koted model that needs new paint, and some new Kloss Kote 2-part Epoxy. A few questions: 1) how do I keep overspray off the rest of my garage? 2) what about masking - do you remove masking before paint dries? 3) what about air pressure? 4) How do you keep from wasting this expensive paint? 5) What about number of coats (painting only yellow with a clear coat)? 6) Any especially good small spray can or type? 7) Better to hang the model or paint bottom, let dry and then paint top? 8) How much pre-sanding - should I remove all duplicolor or can I paint over it? 9) I have one bare 1/32" plywood area on a sponson from a repair, how should I seal it? Sorry for so many questions but I am going to do this one way or another (unless someone knows someone in Dallas / Fort Worth that I can have paint it (two car painting places I asked said "not interested"). Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I am refurbishing an old Roadrunner 60 and could really use the help of a builder here! I am first working on the insides: Before - broken servo mounts, brittle epoxy and oak mounts, crystal foam rubber, missing lip for lid, gooey and hardened seals. Then a putty knife and the AMAZING Black & Decker Mouse sander, some wood strips, CA and Epoxy: FIRST FEW QUESTIONs: What about the DU-BRO throttle linkage? Will it leak? Should I change to something else? Next, I don't know what to do with this!?! I think the Tub is covered with monocoat plastic - is that typical? Should I take it off and paint? ALSO - on the small (.18-.21) hydroplanes, the bottom really affects speed and is blueprinted and detailed - Nothing like this could be tolerated. Does it not affect the .60 Rigger? The 'plastic ripple', metal washer, and screw head are above the surface. WHAT SHOULD I DO (if anything)? Thanks for any help you can give me - shooting for putting it on the water tomorrow!
  3. 007clint

    Need Tubing Help

    What type of tubing do you use for a driveshaft oiler (WD-40 and Marvel Oil) - Vinyl, surgical rubber, neoprene, or what?
  4. 007clint

    2 boats trashed in 4 days

    Has anyone used Speedmaster's waterproof switch? http://www.rossisales.com/otherprodnew.html
  5. I have a 21 CMB Valvola and 20 Hummingbird that I am building BUT I have 4 tuned pipes I have collected over the last few years. I don't know what pipes that they are at this point although the shorter 13" black pipe has a CMB marking. The longer black pipe is 16". Both of the silver pipes are 11". Can someone identify these pipes? Any recomendations for which one to use or at least which ones to test? Thanks in advance.
  6. 007clint

    EGT Trace

    Talk about me being "late to the party!" - I have been using the Eagletree data-recorder for 3 years after I found that I enjoyed the testing and tuning more than the heat racing (maybe because I am an engineer ?!? ). After some health issues, I am back and am working on using what I have learned to develop an on-board microprocessor to take the sensor input for control output. Have any of you gone this route already or, if not, be interested in collaborating?
  7. 007clint

    CMB Valvola

    Where can I get CMB Valvola hp and torque curves along with the mixture setting, head temp and/or EGT info?
  8. Like David, I use an Eagletree to data-log and then download it into my laptop at pond-side. Years ago I also had a Robart Automix unit but without much luck. I am experimenting with a small microprocessor to control the mixture servo - that way it will flow the same as manually adjusting (just smarter). In 2007, there was a great discussion on here from Marty Davis that talked about changing the mixture in the corners when the engine was loaded as compared to all-out straight-away mixture. Does anyone 'mix' the rudder channel with the 3rd channel mixture control channel? - any thoughts?? It seems that a lot of hydro heats are won by the hydro that just keeps running for all the laps! I have blown glowplugs & rods and decided that it is my poor manual mixture control (both before launching and with 3rd channel). As with everything at work, when manual doesn't consistently work well, you automate it!
  9. Is there a relationship with proper mixture control, exhaust gas temperature, and power? Is it true that ASSUMING glowplug, rod, and bearing survival; the higher the exhaust gas temperature (EGT), the higher the power? Are there previous discussions or articles that I can read?
  10. 007clint

    Jae 21 done

    The manual does not specify the distance. I am using 7 1/8th" and that is wider than my 90 rigger, unreal. The wider the footprint,the better the boat will be in race and rough water....personally I would stay with the 8-3/8'' dimension.... At the present time we at JAE have no idea where "to wide" is...... .... Is that the case for all 21 riggers (I have a Hummingbird)?
  11. 007clint

    Jae 21 done

    What is the distance between the tub and the sponsons on the JAE21?
  12. 007clint

    Intrepid 20 Hydro testing

    What is the distance between the tub and sponsons on the Intrepid 20?
  13. 007clint

    Spraying Epoxy Paint?

    First I want to thank everyone for the help - all the suggestions were top notch! I painted my hull and it looks great! HOWEVER .... I failed to ask one question, which was - "What should I mix the paint in"? I had everything set, I read all the directions for the new touch-up spray gun and the Klass Kote paint (twice), I ran through everything but without the paint, visualized everything, and then, with everything in total control, started. I had marked a clear plastic cup with the levels for Part A, Part B, and reducer and placed it on my maple bench. I poured in Part A (Yellow) up to the line. I poured in Part B up to the second line. I mixed the two together and started the timer that had been carefully placed next to the cup. At 5 minutes I stirred again and at 10 minutes stirred again, waiting for 20 minutes when I was going to pour in the reducer up to the third line on the clear plastic cup. At 15 minutes I came back to the bench and DISASTER - there was a puddle of yellow epoxy paint quickly growing on my maple bench under the cup!! I quickly grabbed the cup to pour the rest of the paint into the gun but when I picked it up the bottom of the cup came completely off and paint went everywhere! I had failed to ask "What should I mix the paint in?" In a panic, I scraped the paint into the paint gun but by that time part of it had migrated to my garage floor. I scrambled to get the yellow epoxy paint off my new maple table with thinner and by that time, the garage floor, several tools on the bench, the paint gun, and everything else I touched with my paint-covered rubber gloves! Oh well! So much for planning and practice run! Everything worked out and the hull looks great (luckily the epoxy paint is a very slow setup). The clear plastic cup had a '6' recycle number on it (don't know what type of plastic that is). So I ask now for the next time - "What should I mix the paint in?"
  14. I am studying non-collision crashes (rolls, flips, etc). I know there are a lot of variables (speed, wind, water, CG, lift, etc) but I would like to get a better handle on them. I am looking for anyone that has captured it on video. If you have, please post link here. If anyone has Eagletree data-recordings even better. I am sure I am going to have to sacrifice a couple of my boats for this study but in the long run it will be worth it. Thanks!
  15. 007clint

    New Crapshooter in my fleet

    I am about to put the strut on my restored Hummingbird 20 - your strut is offset to the outside! I haven't drilled my new mounting holes - I thought it had to go in the exact middle! What's up?
  16. Does anyone have a picture and dimensions for Dr. Turner's Remote Oiler? I have a 20 Hummingbird Rigger and want to know if it will fit before ordering. Thanks in Advance.
  17. 007clint

    Paypal and unverified address

    Definitely send the verifying email before sending goods. Otherwise, PayPal can 'pull' the money back if the owner of the PayPal account claims that he didn't order it and you will be out the goods AND the money. (It happened to me - some guy was using a vacant house and picking up the packages from in front of the door).
  18. 007clint

    Wood R/C shaft oiler.

    Automatic transmission fluid is water soluble (or at least washes off my driveway). I also heard that some use Marvel Mystery Oil (but I heard that it is just automatic transmission oil). I was thinking of oiling using a 50/50 mix of Mystery Oil and WD40 for my flex shaft and strut ball bearings - any thoughts? On a side note, what are the dimensions of the Wood R/C shaft oiler?
  19. 007clint

    Shipping to Australia

    I used to ship oversize car parts there and I used UPS.
  20. Mark, You probably don't even remember me but you sure have helped me with prop selections and info for my boats over the years. Don't let the negative get to you! I always think of those times when I am at the pond on a nice crisp and calm day with friends or alone and have my Eagletree data-recorder going and am testing props and tweaking adjustments - great times! Your advice has always been spot-on for me. Thanks for all the help in the past!
  21. 007clint

    a few JAE12 questions

    A long time ago, I got tired of buying 4 bolts for $2 - The GREATEST place for bolts, screws, washers, nuts, lock-nuts out of hardened steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and nylon is: www.microfasteners.com
  22. When using 65% Wildcat fuel in a new stock 21 CMB Valvola (20 Hummingbird), should I have someone change the sleeve timing? Should I use a different glowplug? When breaking in the engine, can I use 50% or even 30% (more easily found locally)? I found four unopened 65% Wildcat quarts that I had stored in a garage cabinet and know where I want to use them!
  23. 007clint

    Wildcat fuels

    How long is 65% Wildcat good if it is stored un-opened in a cool dark place?
  24. 007clint

    Spraying Epoxy Paint?

    With two box fans blowing air out the side door and maybe the garage door up 6" or so behind me? What kind of a mask should I use?
  25. 007clint

    Looking for custom aluminum tubing

    I need some small custom aluminum tubes. 0.282" ID / 0.332" OD - 4 1/2" long.