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  1. Adam Blevins

    12th Annual Wine Run

    I would have won B Hydro if i would have entered of course but that's a no brainer Ok ok enough of my bad jokes lol. Here is some footage i put together with my drone. I had a great time just hanging out and helping where i was needed in the pits or on the stand etc.
  2. Adam Blevins

    12th Annual Wine Run

    I haven't had the time to even start any of my boats this year. But i made sure i cleared my work schedule as i wasn't going to miss this race and it did not disappoint! As always job well done Mike! I always enjoy this race if i race in it or not.
  3. Adam Blevins

    .21 SPP carbon pipe for sale

    Its yours Mark!
  4. Adam Blevins

    .21 SPP carbon pipe for sale

    $80 OBO? Not sure what these go for used.
  5. Adam Blevins

    .21 SPP carbon pipe for sale

    Yes it is. Sorry about that.
  6. Adam Blevins

    .21 SPP carbon pipe for sale

    I have a .21 SPP Carbon pipe for sale. Used it a few times for testing. $100 OBO shipped to the lower 48. I have some other items for sale i will be putting up soon.
  7. Adam Blevins

    21 GT JAE

    What props do you find work best with these JAE 21GT built right out of the box Martin? I see that you like the Bouchie pipe with your .21DD. I will have to give one a try! All i have ran on mine is a SPP carbon and the Novarossi 50040 pipe so far.
  8. Adam Blevins

    21 GT JAE

    Mark my thoughts and prayers are with you, your daughter and family! On to some good news. My 1917 prop you did for me last year is an awesome heat race prop for this boat. Mine is larger in diameter etc then some but my engine the Novarossi .21DD is not stock either of course... if it was it wouldn't pull these props you did for me you and i know for a fact I consistently see upper 70s mph in heat race trim at a hefty 4.6lb "no fuel included in weight" in my JAE 21GT with it and 80 and then some is NO problem with my 1919 you did for me.... Cant say enough good things about Mark and his customer service and props! He will actually take the time to match the prop to your combination.
  9. Adam Blevins


    That's my old JAE G2. And it runs perfectly straight when i am up to speed i have it set for whatever that is depending on prop etc. I did back way off after the 2nd lap until i got back into it on the last lap i made.. But slowing down would cause it to go to the left with the slower speeds if anything due to trim being adjusted for being up to speed. So not sure what you're talking about??
  10. Adam Blevins

    WINE RUN 2017

    I wont be missing my clubs race which is by far my favorite race of the year at my favorite place! Work will be held off for this one! B-Hydro and Sport 20 as far as i know so far. Id like to run a sport 40 "hint hint Mike Starret" If ya got one to spare that is. I will try not to take a sponson off one this year
  11. Wish i could have made it. Always a good time at Madison with you all! I had to work Saturday instead.....
  12. Adam Blevins

    Bushnell radar.

    I always use a GPS and some common sense. If its not VERY repeatable you most likely didn't obtain that speed. But on a nice clear day where u can get a good signal and going straight and able to hold the speed for a few seconds with GPS u will get an accurate speed reading. I use my GPS for testing just like i use my engine dyno for testing engines. you don't ever go off a glory # or just one run/reading you go off the consistent #
  13. Adam Blevins


    O'rly... This was the last time we raced B hydro against each other last year... which was my 1st b hydro id ever had and i think the 2nd or 3rd boat race i ever went to or entered?? I'm a newb to boats! BTW my rigger is 10mph or so faster now. Gotta give it right back to you if you ask for it Dale haha PS. I was trying to be polite and backed off to stay back after i lapped you. :rubbing it in more: All in good fun!
  14. IF my parts get here ill be there.. But its not looking good...
  15. Not sure ill be able to make this race unfortunately Karla. So take me out for now.