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  1. Dan Hydro

    Were is

    Same here.
  2. Dan Hydro

    Retrieval Boat Video and some other video from today

    Nicely done, I like it. Dan.
  3. Dan Hydro

    Smallest Receiver pack ?

    here is one I have been using. http://www.onlybatterypacks.com/showitem.asp?ItemID=12308.103 L 1.74" x W 1.20" x H .76" Dan.
  4. Dan Hydro

    2.4 Question

    The R604FS and the 614FF (4 channel) will not work with any of the Futaba 3 channel FASST radios. they will work with the 4PK and 4PKS in C2 mode only. the 603FF and 603FS will work on all Futaba 3 channel FASST radio and they will work on the 4PK and 4PKS in C1 mode. Dan.
  5. Dan Hydro


    Darn it Tom, disregard my email. lol why do I fall for this every year??? Dan.
  6. Dan Hydro


    Tom, you don't have to wait 10 years, Meet the Motorola Atrix (dual Core): Dan.
  7. Dan Hydro

    Futaba Radio

    Joe, according to Futaba web site they say to use the 3PJS manual for the 3PJ. They also give this reminder: Please note that the following features do not apply to your 3PJ radio: The 3PJ does not have the third digital trim (DT3). The 3PJ is not compatible with the 16K CAMPacs. The 3PJ does not have the audible headphone jack. The 3PJ does not have the throttle curve function or rate display function in Setup. The 3PJ does not offer the 3 separate throttle exponential curve types. The 3PJ does not offer the delay and operating point adjustments in ABS. The 3PJ only offers the 10 functions in the select menu to be assignable to the custom key. The 3PJ offers only an "up timer" (stopwatch), not the up or down option. Therefore, please ignore the sections discussing these additions when using the 3PJS manual to support your 3PJ. Dan.
  8. Dan Hydro

    Futaba Radio

    Joe, here are the instructions for the 3pjs (the site says to use these for the 3pj also): 1. Call the Set-Up mode screen by pressing the UP and DOWN keys simultaneously at the initial screen. 2. Call the Model Reset function screen by pressing the UP or DOWN keys in function map order. 3. (Model memory reset) Reset the currently called model memory by pressing the + and - keys simultaneously for about one second. When reset is complete, COMPLETE blinks on the screen. 4. At the end of adjustment, press the UP and DOWN keys simultaneously. Or press the DIRECT key twice. (The display returns to the initial screen.) This functions resets the contents of the currently called model memory to the initial value. However, it does not reset the PCM/PCM select, total timer, lap memory, timer time, contrast, and audible alarm tone settings. Dan.
  9. Dan Hydro

    OT: "System Tool" virus

    I personally like my AntiVir from Avira. Dan.
  10. Dan Hydro

    Servo wheels

    A bit long, but Hope it helps. Those pesky servos—why can’t I ever find one that’s properly centered? Every time I attach an arm, it seems as though the servo center shifts! What’s going on here?" Sound familiar? Well, if you’re using an Airtronics, Futaba or JR radio, it sure seems as if that’s the case. If you’re using a HiTEC radio, the problem doesn’t seem so bad. What causes this, and what can you do about it? All (standard-sized) servos today have splined shafts on which those servo arms are bolted. The problem arises because of the number of splines (teeth) on those shafts—Airtronics and JR use 23 splines, HiTEC uses 24, and Futaba uses 25. (Your radio may be different—grab a servo and count the splines on the shaft to find out. Use a magnifying glass!) This is a really neat feature, and you should take advantage of it when you set up your airplane! Put a servo arm on a servo. Now, every time you lift and rotate the arm by one spline, you change its position by a fixed number of degrees: for Airtronics or JR, this is 15.65º, for Futaba it’s 14.4º, and for HiTEC it’s an even 15º. The formula is simple: 360º divided by the number of splines. Now consider that your servo arms have an even number of fingers—2, 4, even 6. You can see by experimenting that rotating the servo arm and putting each finger as near as possible to where its predecessor was (about 90º, or 180º or 60º) will result in a shift in position of 3.91º, 3.6º or 3.75º for Airtronics/JR, Futaba and HiTEC respectively. The formula is equally simple: 360º divided by (the product of the number of splines times the number of fingers). So, for Futaba, finger 1 is assumed at 0º, finger 2 (rotating clockwise) is placed at 3.6ºoffset, finger 3 at 7.2º, and finger 4 at 10.8º. (For Airtronics/JR, use multiples of 3.91º, and for HiTEC use 3.75º.) "Whoa, that’s too complicated for me!", I hear you exclaiming. Well, don’t worry about it—just keep rotating and pressing on the servo arm until you get a finger as close as possible to that magic 90º position. ONE of those fingers will be right. (Actually, Futaba makes it simple—the fingers are numbered! Choose number 1 and you’re there. JR has a raised dot in the lower right of its number 1 finger. It doesn’t matter as much with HiTEC, as there are an even number of splines, and two of the fingers (out of four) will be right at any time. Incidentally, the number of splines being different is the reason why servo arms are NOT interchangeable between servos of different brands—don’t try to use Futaba arms on JR servos, etc. This also clears up the apparent servo-centering shift. Most of the servos today have electronics that is so good that mechanical centering is a thing of the past and isn’t necessary. If you in fact have a servo that won’t center properly, or consistently, it’s probably BAD! Send it back for repairs! Dan.
  11. Dan Hydro

    Does this skin look good?

    I don't even have a skin choice anymore, x-mas skin was there than it disappeared 3 weeks ago, didn't touch or do anything. the skin I have is the "IP.Board" thats all. Dan.
  12. Dan Hydro

    Sad news from the Ron Olson household

    So sorry to hear Ron, Prayers are with you and your family. Dan.
  13. LOL Tom, now you need to try another boat. I wonder what them folks in the car passing by were thinking when they saw you. Dan.
  14. Dan Hydro


    Crap, now I just screwed mine up. :lol::lol::lol: I just lost the Xmas theme and all I got is the clean cut 3.3 or the mobile. Dan.
  15. Dan Hydro


    Drew, when is the last time you logged out and logged back into your account? if you haven't done it in a while do it, doing so, sometimes it will kind of update everything. if not, like Gooy said, you should be able to pick yhe Xmas theme at the bottom. Dan.