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  1. The water cooled OS was better than the K&B. The air cooled is a step above the water cooled.
  2. Mark Anderson

    Alpha 27

    John Paypal is airbornrc@aol.com
  3. Mark Anderson

    Alpha 27

    Brand new CMB Alpha 27 with pipe. Motor was bolted in a boat and mocked up, but that is it. Comes with the CMB aluminum pipe, and square drive nut. Project has been shelved. $800 shipped conus. Mark
  4. Mark Anderson

    BZM 27cc gasoline Marine engine

    There's a couple more sizes coming I think they said 29 and a 32.
  5. Mark Anderson


    Actually Solway never owned it. Randy sold it to Crockett. Solway barrowed it for the Nats in L.A., Frank told us to do anything we wanted to it but bring it back the way it was. We aligned everything and Dave won the Nats. when I had a cable problem in the last round. Then we put it back the way it was. Completely out of alignment just like Frank requested.
  6. Mark Anderson

    Skid Fin for Crackerbox

    That fin would be much better if there was a third attachment point above or below the other two. Interestingly, Dave Villwock has/had a full scale Super Stock/ Pro Stock flat bottom with an outboard mounted turn fin. He and George Woods Jr. set several records with it. It does not have the stand offs there is an addition to the hull that the fin mounts to. If they are legal in cracker box, it would be a big advantage over a keel mounted fin.
  7. Mark Anderson

    Hopper tanks

    I don't run a hopper. My Lynx has a 6 oz Sullivan tank and never a problem. If your Lynx is darting or hopping, forget about the tank and fix the setup.
  8. Mark Anderson

    Sport Rules

    No reason to limit the exhaust. You just have to get it under the deck/cowl. Easy to do. Yes all nitro sport classes.
  9. It says in the last picture-Sport 40 (Nitro) or Q-FE (Electric) 38 inch boat would be too small for gas.
  10. Mark Anderson

    front sponson ride pad question

    I hope tp make one before the Nats! The new boat is a beast, I might be a little rusty.
  11. Mark Anderson

    front sponson ride pad question

    In my 40 years of boat racing I have built and driven pretty much every combination of ride surfaces. I prefer flat running surfaces. If the boat is too reactive they are too wide for the weight of the boat. I have never seen a dihedral/anhedral set up work better then a properly tuned flat set up. And usually I see them do silly things at times.The flat surfaces are also easier to build and maintain. Get a good look at a Geraghty or Nachtweih boat. Running surfaces offset to the outside widen the stance of the boat making it more stable.
  12. Mark Anderson

    OS Outboard Interesting bearing issue.

    Have the NAMBA rules been rewritten? I thought I remembered bearings in the ok to use any brand category. I have been torn down dozens of times and have teched many dozens of engines and bearing brand has never come up. How would anyone prove it either way?
  13. Mark Anderson


    Message Raptor347 (Brian Buass) on this forumn.
  14. Mark Anderson

    Not a boat......but its electric

    Mike You need to fab a bearing mount for the other end of that motor shaft. There's going to be a ton of side loading