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  1. Mike Bontoft

    SAW event at Legg Lake

    Sorry for the delay, Thanks Bill. looks like I may have to take a trip to Huntsville. Not this year though. Shame about Legg Lake. Mark was the mainstay of the event and put on a very good show. A hard act to follow! Hopefully someone will pick up the reins soon. Cheers
  2. Are they running the SAW event at Legg Lake this year? With Mark Grim not living in California I was wondering if it is still being held. I'm planning a trip to see my son in California in November and would like to know what the dates are if it is. Thanks
  3. Mike Bontoft

    Gibbs Cad-Cam free trial

    Thank you very much Steve. My son is in Tustin. Next time I'm over I will definitely pay you a visit. Can't be messier than my shop. I will let you know plenty ahead of time. Cheers
  4. Mike Bontoft

    Gibbs Cad-Cam free trial

    Thanks for the info on the Tormack Steve. I will check it out. I sold my Fadal a few years ago. Nice machine but expensive when things go wrong. I had made a program for porting a Zenoah. Spindle RPM was 10,000 and run time was over 30 minutes. I left it to do its thing and returned an hour later to find the spindle locked solid. That was close to 5K when I'd finished." I know, my bad". Never leave a CNC unattended but everyone does it. Steve, how many hours do you have on it and what has it cost to keep running? please Hi Mike, Brigitte (grandma) says hi. Hope you and your family are well. Cheers.
  5. Mike Bontoft

    Gibbs Cad-Cam free trial

    Back when I was looking for a CAM system for my Fadal everyone was pushing Mastercam. I gave up on that one. Maybe better ones out there now. I've used Gibbs for so many years I find it hard to adapt to anything else. I really miss the CNC mill. I'm putting a small home shop together and plan to equip it with one.
  6. Mike Bontoft

    Gibbs Cad-Cam free trial

    I used this program for many years. Very intuitive. If you've ever wanted to try CNC machining this is a good start. The trial version will not generate G code but the solid modelling should work fine. Lots of videos on youtube. Enjoy . http://www2.3dsystems.com/GibbsCAM/Download
  7. Mike Bontoft

    Happy Birthday Mike Bontoft

    Just tuned in., Thanks Lohring, hope your doing well. Cheers
  8. Mike Bontoft

    Cigarette RC conversion

    Thanks Darin, A 3S system it will be. Will most of the 3S systems work on 2S?. Thanks Andy, I am looking at that. Nice hardware but radio not included, it does look like they include a rudder servo. I am definitely going to take a boat apart for the running gear. Much cheaper! Much appreciated
  9. Mike Bontoft

    Cigarette RC conversion

    Phil (http://www.raceboatmodels.co.uk/) has been making custom models out of solid wood for many years as a sideline. He has decided to make a serious business out of it. Making the plug out of wood and now builds the hull and deck from glass. The model in the picture is glass. I have a static model ordered but also wanted to put one on the water.
  10. Mike Bontoft

    Cigarette RC conversion

    Did I mention this guy is talented!
  11. Mike Bontoft

    Cigarette RC conversion

    Thanks Jerry, Happy New Year to you also. I've been looking at the Aquacraft Minimono and that might tick all the boxes, gives me something to play with also if the Cigarette is a disaster on the water. Too much power but it may run on 2S or maybe a small prop. Thanks rhomodel for the MHZ info. I like the steerable drives, it would keep it somewhat scale, bit pricey though. I am going to look a little more at the smaller engines you mention before diving in. Cheers
  12. Mike Bontoft

    Cigarette RC conversion

    He's got one near completion. I'll get you some pictures. Any idea on miniature motor, speed control etc. I may have to manufacture the rudder and extension. I thought about a standard through the bottom prop shaft but going to give it a try with surface drive. Need to be careful not to overpower it. 20 amps will be plenty 3.7 v. I'm not expecting much in the way of performance but want it to run at somewhat of a scale speed.
  13. Mike Bontoft

    Cigarette RC conversion

    Hi Guys I'm looking for advice on how best to proceed with this little project. A friend of mine is building amazing static models of offshore powerboats and I asked him for some mouldings that I can convert to a little RC racer. The model is 420mm X 95mm. I was thinking of a small transom stinger/rudder assembly (preference would be aluminum) and Brushless/ Lithium Polymer for power. Maybe 1S. Much of what I see offered is too large. Any ideas on what I could use for this. Thanks
  14. Mike Bontoft

    twin engine rigger

    Neat idea!
  15. Mike Bontoft

    Happy Birthday Mike Hughes

    A day late but Happy Birthday Mike, hope the family is well and you guys have a great Christmas. Cheers www.bontoftkartengines.com