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  1. I am going to apologize to all that have inquired but I’ve decided to not sell my boats. While I appreciate all the offers... I have not had one that was realistic in comparison to the prices given in the first post. I apologize for any in convenience but I’ll just hold on to them and let them sit in my garage. Sorry again, Cliff Nicholson
  2. It’s going to cost 94.00 dollars to ship. With that in mind I’ll have to pass on your offer but thank you for your interest.
  3. My wife is taking it tomorrow to check shipping price. I’ll let you know then if I can accept that offer.
  4. There is a couple of skeg strikes from racing but the hull is intact. The driver platform is broken but the actual drivers can be used on a peice of Lexington or thi plexi.
  5. Not a chance on the 250.00 shipped. If you want to pay shipping we can talk.
  6. I can do a Gizmomotors pipe or an insane hot pipe
  7. 2716/20 degree with a turbo cut
  8. This is the only damage to the fiber glass anything else is just small scratches. Bottom has not been blue printed. I haven’t tried to run these boats in over 4 years. I can throw a pipe in as well. I don’t know what the shipping would be but I would assume 60-70 dollars.
  9. The boat is sealed with epoxy only. Also comes with insane hot pipe.
  10. All of these boats are at least 5 years old. I quit racing 4 years ago. The whiplash is in pretty good condition. The motor ran really strong when I last ran it and at that time the motor was less than 3 months old. The boat has some blemishes and repairs as it was a race boat along with all of the boats. I’ll take more pics of the whiplash and post them here for you.
  11. The hulls won’t come with the stands unless you want to pay for extra shipping of them. More to come as I get them cleaned and pics taken. Thanks for looking
  12. 1- The first up for sale is a Blazer Marine Backlash with a Motörhead’s 30.5 RCMKon a zenoah lower case and an adjustable hot pipe. 900.00 2- RC boatworks flat bottom sanded and trued bottom. Mod zenoah 26 (can’t remeber who by), insane hot pipe, and the prop I raced with (3blade). 400.00 3- Insane gen 2 cat with a mod 26 but not sure if the motor works, and servos in the radio box. 300.00 4- Blazer Marine Whiplash with a Gizmomotors mod 28.5 and a Gizmomotors pipe and prop that it was raced with. 400.00 5- Seaducer 47 inch deep vee hull and hardware.250.00 buyers pay all shipping lower 48 only