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  1. Buoyhunter


    Who has good quality driveshafts? Does anybody still have Hughey shafts ? Whats the "goto" mfg now? Looking for 3/16" driveline...
  2. Buoyhunter

    Huntsville Pond National Attention

    How about a link to it?
  3. Buoyhunter

    2018 World Championships in France

    Have safe travels! Go have fun and represent us well. Race hard and bring back hardware!
  4. Buoyhunter

    Not a boat......but its electric

    Very cool project. Especially mixing in the arduino... But like Jerry said don't run with scissors, put a helmet on keep your fingers away from the prop!
  5. Buoyhunter

    Sport 40 (Twin .21)

    Appreciate all the sharing of info. Having a "sister" (duplicate) of that boat is on the bucket list....
  6. Buoyhunter

    Motor Dimensions

    Are the dimensions similar between the OPS and the Nova 67 Motors? will the new nova drop in where the OPS and CMBs fit?
  7. Buoyhunter

    cable tie tension

    Thomas & Betts makes a tool to tighten the ties and it is adjustable for different tensions, I have had mine for about 15 years, I don't know if they are still made, I think I paid about $25.00 . Walt Barney Thomas and Betts make a version of a Ty Rap tensioner and flush trimmer ERG50. Great tool. Use it daily. Cinches as tight as the brand of cable tie will allow then cuts flush. no sharp edges.... But I think they are 150 - 200$ T&B makes all type of cable ties. Some sunlight resistant (black). The white or tan are nylon, sorta all purpose. I had the company order some that were high heat rated. They are a translucent greenish yellow pkg. Almost a clear chartruese color, good for a few a runs on a nitro boat.
  8. Buoyhunter


    Thanks Don . Here's a bit to help out.
  9. Buoyhunter

    Hey Truex

    Times like this i wish i still had the sirius nascar channel. I didn't get to watch the race... Go get em Marty
  10. Buoyhunter

    Paint Code for 1964 Miss US V

    Klass Kote has a red that is really close...
  11. Buoyhunter

    Looking for a new glow plug adapter

    I'm with Ray and a few others around here. Always used a Glo-Bee Fireplug to start the nitros. More than enough power to "torch" a few plugs
  12. Buoyhunter

    Freddies club 2

    who took that pic Teddy? Nice and clear.
  13. Buoyhunter

    ESC Issue

    Thanks for the confirmation on that Darryl.
  14. Buoyhunter

    ESC Issue

    I have figured out the problem. Since it was the initial setup. the directions were calling for the throttle range setup. At the start of the power up sequence. Move throttle to full on, wait for two beeps etc. Followed instructions problem is throttle channel was reversed so it never seen a high. Neutral (off) position and a lower signal. No call to turn on....