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  1. dave weagel

    Stealth hydro

    c congratulations, it looks great. hope it will be available in 2019. good luck
  2. dave weagel

    Stealth hydro

    phil, will your Stealth gas sport hydro be available this winter ?
  3. dave weagel

    Cooper pipe dual stingers Nitro or Gas????

    do you mean one of these : http://jrcbd.com/forum/showthread.php?19596-For-sale-cooper-has-pipe
  4. dave weagel

    Delrin question.

  5. dave weagel

    Paint Codes For 1990 Miss Budweiser U1

    close enough ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Miss-Budweiser-Bubble-Bud-1-8-Unlimited-Hydroplane-RC-plans-Blueprint/292779262468?hash=item442b010204:g:jZEAAOSwze5bymSa:rk:1:pf:1
  6. dave weagel

    gas powered 1/8 scales

    dan, beautiful boats, especially that bud T4. fitting a scale looking cowl over the gas engine is difficult. your cowls look perfect. thank you for posting pictures I've built several gas powered semi-scale play boats using newton plans. some with deck mounted pipes. three examples below
  7. dave weagel

    Scale driver

  8. dave weagel

    gas powered 1/8 scales

    hulls built by Ivan Bourdier ML 1/8 scale frame kits 145-8303 and 132-8012 ivan's wood cowls on the renault rc boat co glass cowl on the bud wes ellet graphics steve parker full mod zen 26.3 engines
  9. dave weagel

    Castle decals

    http://woodrcboatkits.com/index.php/fiberglass-hulls/replacement-cowlings/lauterbach-gp-hydroplane-cowling.html correct outline but slightly oversized for a true 1/8 scale 7505 hull ask ML for dimensions. maybe old troy macintire 1/8 scale 6677 cowls out there somewhere ? good luck
  10. dave weagel

    Clear coat

  11. dave weagel

    Newton plans

    mike, thank you for all that you have done to make scale hydroplane kits available and affordable. I think your kits are perfect. much easier, far more accurate and much better finished parts than cutting from templates. the only thing I would ask is that you offer a few more scale kits complete with pre-cut skins and sticks. a lot of extra work on your part but easier for the customer. your frame kits combined with the newton plans, an rc boat co cowl and a typical zip-kits wood hull build manual a scale hydroplane project is feasible for an average builder like me. thank you
  12. dave weagel

    Gas scale

    mike, good looking hull. dimensions ? what MHR number ? thank you for the pictures.
  13. dave weagel

    L/F NAMBA legal thunderboat

    mike, beautiful boat. it looks like a glass feecraft from RC Boat Works. it has the clam-shell deck - hull joint and the tunnel spoiler with pointed trailing edge.
  14. mike, please release your 1/8 scale and gas scale 167-7505 lauterbach special / candyman kits. thank you