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  1. 29tunnel

    Sport 40 pipe length

    Thanks Tim, you're right .380 is the I.D. of the stinger. I shimmed it down with some brass tube. I'll try your suggestion for the strut, it should help settle it down a little.
  2. 29tunnel

    Sport 40 pipe length

    Forgot the pipe length, 10 1/2 to 3/4
  3. 29tunnel

    Sport 40 pipe length

    I'm still fast with an ops disk, a little "tlc" add an old ops.67 pipe with the stinger at .280. Finish off with a P.T SP 40 and it will turn a 450 all day. Try a 52 x 64 reduced and hold on. This is a very reliable set up and only lets me down when I forget to fill the tank.
  4. 29tunnel

    do we or dont we

    A waste of space and a waste of time reading the first few pages
  5. 29tunnel


    Looks like we got all in place to make this a real nice race, bring on those Thunderboats
  6. 29tunnel

    Northern Lights Model Boat Club

    Sorry, website is nlmbc.org
  7. 29tunnel

    Northern Lights Model Boat Club

    hey, check out our new website, nlmbc.e are holding a race in New Waterford Ontario on June 19/20
  8. Go to a local automotive supplier and buy a cheap small 3 prong puller. Less than 10 bucks.
  9. 29tunnel


    Racing is back in southern Ontario in district 1. Check out our race flyer. We're close to the US border in a conservation area with camping motels close by.
  10. 29tunnel

    New Picco 45

    I was at the pond also when Gary's motor failed. I watched these Guy's flowing the motor and running it a little rich. In my opinion, they were doing a proper break-in. These guy's have a lot of experience with nitro motors and are well respected in our club and our district (1 IMPBA). This was a rod failure . I hope there is not a problem with these new motors and maybe someone should step up and make things right
  11. 29tunnel

    OPS 45

    An OPS 45 with an OPS .67 pipe and a carb. is a cheap fast set-up and will run with the best. Parts are easy to get. Don
  12. Hi Bob Are the ops motors still for sale, and what condition are they in? Don
  13. 29tunnel

    Picco motor mount

    What motor mount does the new Picco .45 fit or does it need a new mount. I currently run a .45 OPS. Thanks Don
  14. 29tunnel

    Zoom carb on .21 cmb green head

    Thanks for your replies. I'm running the valvola in a whiplash fyi. I've had some problems with the stock carb and was hoping the zoom carb might help get me going.
  15. Has anyone tried this carb. on the cmb .21 greenhead ? Thanks Don