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  1. RodneyPierce

    New Hellion 20 Tunnel

    very nice!
  2. RodneyPierce

    SpeedWeek 2019

  3. RodneyPierce

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    Bill, this thing looks sick!!! I believe that I still have the Sniper stuff that you sent me around here somewhere. I have been gone for a while, but this thing makes me drool!!
  4. RodneyPierce

    WTB- Engines

    best quote on this site today right here
  5. RodneyPierce

    Happy Birthday Rodney

    Thanks brother!!
  6. RodneyPierce

    Happy Birthday Rodney Pierce

    Thanks fellas!!
  7. RodneyPierce

    21 GT JAE

    I can attest to this after seeing a few of Martins boats a few years ago. He also helped me with some advice when I was building mine with very very minimal changes to the stock kit (some thinner wood here and there and tub height) I could never get the boat over 74mph, but that same exact boat/motor/pipe combo went to Australia with Ian Inverarity and went over 80mph right out of the shipping box. These boats just work. Period.
  8. RodneyPierce

    Jae 45 is now done.

    Bill did a nice job making that strut bracket.
  9. RodneyPierce

    Bermuda storm

    good to hear Shane!!
  10. RodneyPierce

    RP is 32 today

    thanks Marty. Spent it with the little ones.
  11. RodneyPierce

    water flow restriction

    use a plastic fitting at the water outlet of the head tapped for a 4-40 screw. Then drill holes in the 4-40 screws starting at .020 and going up by .010. I have never needed anything larger then a .060 on a .21 motor. Then use a plastic 90* fitting at the rudder, and drill a .063 hole in the backside of it to bleed off the excess pressure from the restricted water exit. works like a charm, every time.
  12. RodneyPierce

    Happy Birthday Rodney

    thanks fellas
  13. RodneyPierce

    Torco Fuel

    Its great fuel. I dont sell it any longer, just not worth the trouble. But in the time I did sell it, I used roughly 3 cases myself, and never had a lick of trouble.
  14. RodneyPierce

    building a vision craft

    No, they meant bottom of the bullet. Flip the mount over and see where it lays.
  15. RodneyPierce

    Stalker Sport Radar Gun