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  1. Andy Greene

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    Awesome work Gabe
  2. Andy Greene

    Silant Engines

    Where is that LIKE button when you need it - agreed, good stuff right there
  3. Andy Greene

    Kris Flynn

    I sent him a message on FB also Rod .
  4. Andy Greene

    Possibly a new race???

    Keep us posted Justin , Heck by then I may even be able to knock the dust off a boat or two .
  5. Andy Greene

    Possibly a new race???

    For what my worthless .02 is worth, TT or races in Huntsville never bother attendance when past dates have conflicted for West Coast races in D3 . The weather is normally good that time of year, and with enough advanced notice and a well promoted race , attendance should be decent. You guys have one of the best lakes around imho, and the right members to get it done should you do it. Would this be a Dist race or a club race ?
  6. Andy Greene

    Paint Scheme For My Gas Boat

    Dont do rattle can - as suggested , find a local vinyl guy - just some basic trim colors will help - narrow from the bow to wider in the rear / on both sides ? a well placed logo or number ? The possibilities are ENDLESS with a plain white wrapper EDIT - After re-looking at your original pic- its safe to assume you already did the white with rattle can ??
  7. Andy Greene

    RC Racing events

    I know Wayne changed the D3 website- but the schedule for 2019 isnt there yet - http://nambad3.com/ Not sure about the RCRE deal .
  8. Andy Greene

    CMB 67 HR Green Head

    Seems there has been a few of these for sale as of late- maybe pop the sleeve out and include a pic if it and the piston skirt ? motor looks clean and the price is right- good luck with your sale Tim .
  9. Andy Greene

    Broken Rod

    First off , thanks Carl for the explanation - I get what your saying now with dead swing - as I often check that and your described method after running- just didnt have a name for it Greg , where your engines running fine when you caught the broken rod ?
  10. Andy Greene


    Welcome - is that an old gas Sprint Cat that needs some love there Rennie ?
  11. Andy Greene

    Broken Rod

    So for those not in the know of all the things to know , can you elaborate on " dead swing " and how someone goes about checking this Carl ??
  12. Andy Greene

    Shipping a Trailer

    Hey Foley , give him Frank Mole's info - I tried to copy and paste it from S/F but Im on a laptop now and well yeah
  13. Andy Greene

    Broken Rod

    I broke one in the same spot several years ago on an air cooled motor.
  14. Andy Greene


    Thats very impressive work Dave , when are you planning on running it ??
  15. Andy Greene

    tunnel bottom side ?

    Lots of great info and discussion, thanks guys.