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  1. Andy Greene

    Go Get Em MTJ

    Yeah I know , this isnt the right place for this , but Im pretty sure I speak for the majority her on IW when I say ........ Go get whats yours MTJ
  2. WOW !!! What an amazing turnout in all the hydro classes , 28 Boats in Twin Awesome !!!!!! Hats off to all that have been involved growing this race to what it is now, amazing job guys and gals.
  3. Andy Greene


    It may be worth the price of admission just to come see how it works out Dave - I wish ya the best, nobody can ever tell ya you didnt at least try
  4. Andy Greene


  5. Andy Greene

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Maybe sometime we can get the Mod Vp's together again Shane , Mark / Shaw and the rest that have one, It would be fun.
  6. Andy Greene

    nitro catamerans

    X2 - A CMB 90 or 101 in a well handling Sprintcat was an absolute blast to drive. Steve Hearle - Tommy Cordosa and Gene Mongar had some of the BEST battles I have ever seen at Brandon on the Offshore Course in Nitro Cat back the day.
  7. Andy Greene

    Complete Nitro Racing Package

    Shoot me the details Tony -
  8. Andy Greene

    Sure seems dead around here.

    What motor where you running Shane ??
  9. Andy Greene

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Learn something new everyday , I never knew a Sniper with a pod existed for Mod VP . Who did the pod Shane ? Care to share a bottom pic ?? I would love to see what they/you came up with. I still have my Vision Mod VP , one of these days I will make it back up to Sowega and visit the good folks that run and race at that place and wet a boat
  10. Andy Greene

    OPS Collectors

    Not trying to hijack your thread Z - and not that its something I want to purchase- But I was wondering if any of you guys had ever seen one run or heard of how they performed ?? Would have to guess if they where the cats meow , we would still see the design ??? or was it a cost thing ? VERY COOL piece either way
  11. Andy Greene

    Complete Nitro Racing Package

    How much for the 40 Seaducer if you break it up ?? Would like first dibs. LMK
  12. Andy Greene

    Name that Tunnel Hull!

    ... Ping ..................
  13. Andy Greene

    Stuff for sale, listing for Robert Pickard

    I didn't miss CRAP!!!!! you forgot to send it. Thats what you get for helping Rrrick
  14. Andy Greene


    Open Gas - Open Nitro and Open Electric - Let the best rise to the top in all 3 power sources and split the coin 3 ways to each class winner.. No one cries about being left out or what type RC Boat should be represented and the spectators see a little of everything........ Seems your pretty stuck on a west coast race - shame really as plenty of venues could fill the bill- want to go BIG - get Lake Llyod at Daytona During Speed Weeks - its do-able but a lot of hoops to jump through. The challenge with what you propose is 1/location 2/one class 3/spectators . Good Luck - Maybe a Disney pond would be best served, vacation type location ,so families can travel and make it a vacation. Outside spectators already in your hands ect.
  15. Andy Greene

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Yeh, but most of your time outs we're due to ass overload!!! Are you still down south west? Where else would I be Rrrick , I never venture North of Pasco county remember ? Maybe thats why the boats are still doing a dust endurance test