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  1. properchopper

    Electric Rules

    Yup... and there was that too. Not going to matter what lengths we went to, Tony... Doug's going to continue thinking we're big cheaters that ruined the hobby (for him...). Darin, we're friends. I'm friends with Doug too. Hurts me to see all this kerfuffle.
  2. properchopper

    Electric Rules

    "Darrin - please explain to us on how all of the current P-limited records in the current NAMBA book were teched and verified. Maybe this would help to explain some things." Doug, At the last few NAMBA Straightline TT's the battery voltage to 1/1000V was tested prior to taping up for a record attempt using a Fluke 77 and a card signed by TG was generated.
  3. properchopper

    Course markers

    Fe P-Sport Hydro + Buoy Soccer
  4. properchopper

    Breaking News! Dead boat penalty?

    And this : Several years ago at a Legg Lake D19 Gas/Nitro/FE race I loaned my P-Sport Hydro FE30 to a Mr. Jeff M. to participate and I entered my P-Ltd Sport Hydro (slower but always finished). Halfway through the heat Jeff flipped and rendered dead the P-Sport on the far-off back straight. Since my pit/spotter's attention had momentarily ventured to some distant parallel universe and failed to warn me of the (my) upside-down P- Sport FE30 I NAILED/ SPLATTERED IT at full chat with the P-Ltd Sport, earning the rare but coveted 2 For 1 Carnage Special, taking out both of my own boats in a single heat. Yup - "The penalty is standing there for 2 minutes watching helplessly as others race inside and outside your boat(s). " Fun, Fun......
  5. properchopper

    Truex wins

    Well Deserved !
  6. properchopper

    Generators and power supplies.

    Just read through the link from the above thread . Someone posted this : The best thing you can do with a harbor freight genny is bring it to a fun fly, (or boating event - my edit) locate someone with a honda 2000, set up next to them and fire up the little noise machine. They will immediately ask you to shut it off and just use their honda. Works like a charm. This has been my experience plenty of times. (Ask Tyler )
  7. properchopper

    Generators and power supplies.

    I went with this similar version for a few more dollars because of the built in Voltmeter. Most of my power supplies for my lipo chargers have a small window of operating voltage input AND my gen seems to randomly stray up or down from a baseline rpm from time to time which either lowers or raises the output voltage past the power supply's happy place. I'll occasionally have to adjust the rpm (awkwardly) with a long screwdriver while monitoring the voltage with the built-in voltmeter. Starts very easily. Does have 12V output. Noise pisses off the high-dollar inverter guys - I use a 50 foot extension cord to place it away from pit central. https://www.amazon.com/PowerPro-56101-Starting-Portable-Generator/dp/B00J261PGQ/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_86_tr_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Z9EHPNM79FJCGCZ35D2X
  8. properchopper

    I got a spam PM from Robert Plege...

    Me Two . What's the point ?
  9. properchopper

    Truex Jr wins

    "Truex dove to the bottom and roared from the rest of the field........." Way to go Martin
  10. properchopper

    Offshore Electrics Forum Hacked ?

    Thank you
  11. I get this - Is this for real ? "Google has informed us that the site has hacked. What I think I know about it. It seems it was a redirect. Certain forum pages would redirect you to outside links. Like Spam. I've deleted some of the files I believe caused this, but the site will be down until its 100% resolved. Things to NOT worry about. The store is totally separate. Even if someone hacked the store, we DO NOT store any credit card info online. What to do. I suggest doing a scan of your pc to make sure it has not been infected. When we are back up and running the site will require a new password be entered."
  12. properchopper

    My wife says I can't buy any more boat stuff!

    I found this for only 2 dollars at an industrial liquidator I was browsing in. Must have cost cost a fortune to machine for (likely) med equipment or even way more for local gov't aerospace work. I loved it for its machined perfection. Bought it for a measly two bucks & brought it home. Wife: What's it do ? Me : I don't know Wife : Why'd you buy it ? Me : I like it Wife : But WHAT'S IT DO ? Me : I still don't know Wife : So Why'd You Buy it ? Me : BECAUSE I LIKE IT (this went on for a while) It sits in front of me on my cormputer base to remind me not to get married any more. I still miss Her (tho one day my aim could improve)
  13. properchopper

    Happy birthday

    Yo T, C'mon back - No one chases me (and succeeds) like you do (did) Happy B-Day Bro !
  14. properchopper

    Sport Hydro Sponson vs. Strut Weight Distribution?

    Thanks John. I'll be testing (hopefully) this coming Sunday after the SCSTA/Nitro/FE race. I'll post results.