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    3 Boats for sale

  2. 10/Tenths

    3 Boats for sale

    Thinning out some of the fleet. (1) Up for sale is a white/red Speedmaster 40 with Geraghty OPS 45 complete with Speedmaster hardware, CMD parabolic, Props4U 3-blade. Just add your receiver and go. It has one small nick near the nose where the gelcoat came off and the red stripe could use a repaint. Asking $475 plus shipping. (2) Old school Prather 40" with Picco 45 silver head disc motor. Complete with spare Picco engine and 2ch AM radio. Would make an excellent first boat for someone. Red with white bottom has about a 1" section of paint by the windscreen that has come off from picking it up to toss in the water. Asking $200 plus shipping. (3) Blue/white PHM 80 outrigger hull only. This was an early PHM design that has carbon cowl and covers. Comes with turn fin, pipe mount, antenna tube and stuffing tube in place. Asking $100 obo You may look at pictures by following the two links. http://www.flickr.com/photos/11775525@N06/...157603815083997 for monos http://www.flickr.com/photos/11775525@N06/...157603826294681 for outrigger Anyone interested or with questions please email at bill@10tenths.net. I will not answer questions on this site as I just don't have time to check in all the time. Be patient if you email in the evening I will likely reply in the am and throughout the day. Bill Vogeley
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    CMB purple head hydro with 5 tanks ran through it. It is my spare for my Geraghty powered rigger. email me at bill@10tenths.net if interested. Bill PS your inbox is full
  4. 10/Tenths

    3 Boats for sale

    PHM outrigger sold! Thanks IW
  5. 10/Tenths

    Any good 40 and/or Mono Manufacturers out there?

    I have been running a Speedmaster 40 and love it and just built a Delta Force LSG boat and it is the best deck design in my opinion. Both boats have nice areo packages and that is what you need when the hull is no longer in the water. It is very difficult to upset either hull at speed with proper setup. Not that I am any RC boat guru, but as an engineer I see a lot of merit in the deck design mated with a proven hull.
  6. 10/Tenths

    ops 45 inboard

    I run a Rod G. ops in my Speedmaster mono and it runs with any 40 I have seen. This is the first time I have used the drum version so I can't speak for reliability across the long haul, but it hasn't spit any parts for a season and that is good for me. I favor the parts availability currently of the ops vs. other brands.
  7. 10/Tenths

    Nitro safe paint in spray can form.

    If you use no more than 10% nitro in a fun boat than some can paint might hold up, otherwise get yourself an inexpensive touch-up gun and call Klasskote for paint. You will find that if you are spending the time to prep one properly and painting it yourself it is worth the investment to do it right.
  8. 10/Tenths

    New Boat

    I would be interested in a 90/gas boat.
  9. 10/Tenths

    What is gasoline?

    Octane is not the only thing to look at in gasoline. There are a lot of racing gasolines available with oxygenators that do produce extra power. I don't know how it will improve a rc boats performance as I run nitro, but I do know from experience in race cars that it can make 2 - 5% gains. There are tests for these if club racing comes down to that. I say limit the engine displacement and after that anything goes.
  10. 10/Tenths

    Roadrunner Cowl

    Looking for a 45 Roadrunner cowl. email bill@10tenths.net
  11. 10/Tenths

    SPP big block carbon pipes- both now SOLD

    You have a PM.
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    Were you careful to put the disk or drum in correctly with the crankshaft pin? Is the piston sleeve rotated any?
  13. 10/Tenths

    Prather Deep Vee set-up

    Tell us a little more about your setup so we have more to base suggestions on. Is it surface, subsurface, how far back is the prop from the transom, etc.? Does the situation continue through the fuel load or does it change for the better when the load is light?
  14. 10/Tenths

    need motor help

    Is your fuel tank level higher than that of the carb? Gravity is ever present as well as Murphy.
  15. 10/Tenths

    Assorted Boating Items for Sale

    Is the OPS drum or disk? Might be interested. Bill Vogeley
  16. 10/Tenths

    Quieting Boats down

    I have not tried this on one of my boats, but it works in auto racing. We use a diverter pipe off of the exhaust pointing it either up or the opposite direction of the meter which ususally makes the difference of legal vs. illegal readings. While doing some testing you may want to give it a try just to see what it might offer. It would only take a 45 to 90 deg bend of pipe to add on the back. Anxious to hear any of your results with your testing program.
  17. 10/Tenths

    Opinions needed

    OPS engines have been good to me and I second the readily available parts. The 67 pipe works good as well as the Brown Parabolic.
  18. 10/Tenths

    What do you do for living?

    Co-owner of 10/Tenths Motorsport and Mechanical Engineer. The company provides about anything to do with sports car racing such as re-designing chassis, trackside support, data analysis, driver training etc. Decided to do what I have always wanted to do full time instead of a side business. Left a sales job when the business slowed due to the market. Bill Vogeley
  19. Are you open to producing pistons and sleeves for other rc nitro engines? Probably many good engines out there that just need sleeves and pistons that are no longer available. Bill V
  20. 10/Tenths


    Prayers are with you. Get well soon! Bill & Elizabeth Vogeley
  21. Has anyone tried ceramic coated headers and pipes? I thought the concept was to keep the exhaust gas hot and moving quickly out of the pipe rather than cooling it and slowing it midway.
  22. 10/Tenths

    Cleaning Nitrp Motors Prior to Reassembly

    Personally I feal ultrasonic is the best. If no ultrasonic cleaner is available then the picking list would be good old soap (dish detergent) and water followed with light oil. Third would be atf as it has the highest concentration of detergents with oil. Using atf alone I would follow up with perhaps lacquer thinner since the atf will break loose dirt from the parts and you don't want those floating around in the engine due to the atf still attatched to the parts. I have learned from first hand experience in the auto racing industry. I own and manage a race car engineering, service and prep shop and the only way we will use used oil hoses and coolers after we lose an engine is to use an ultrasonic cleaner, otherwise we will just install new ones and not take the risk. If you want to try an experiment with say atf, thinners, brake cleaner etc. then go purchase a small piece of steel from your local hardware store, take a clean white cloth and then try each fluid on separate parts of it and see how much comes off on your cloth. I bet atf wins, but remember there is still film stuck on the metal due to the oil in the atf.