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  1. pttcat

    WTB Newton Scale Hydro Plans- See list inside

    I’m sorry, I’ve had built scale off of Roger plans and yes bulkhead did need some work on.Roger took time to draw up plans to make scale hydro over FORTY YEARS ago it paper and a pencil... But what I read. pm me what you have and how much you want for them,and I will try and work something out! I have bought scale from Mike right from the start, I felt they wear cut right off of Roger plans and yes the bulkheads needed work on for a hundred dollars and it didn’t stopped me from buying more. But now it’s a different story great job. I know things will work themselves out. The JACK ASS
  2. pttcat

    WTB Newton Scale Hydro Plans- See list inside

    I’m just saying one of the reason you have started a business is because of Roger and now David Newton scale. First scale Miss Tosti Asti and decals from Bill Fritz. www.newtonmarine.com
  3. pttcat

    New (but pre owned) Untouched RC Boat Co Cowls

    Bill I'll take both of them SG640C.
  4. pttcat

    1/4 scale Jersey skiff and Cracker box drivers

    Nice looking boat who makes it
  5. pttcat

    Two Wing Scale

    I had a two wing scale years ago at that time had to sell it. Just asking if there one out that someone wants to sell one? Tom
  6. pttcat

    DPS T-6 1/8th Scale for Sale.

    I will take it. I need your address
  7. pttcat

    name this boat

    It's a Bill Fritz scale or a RC boat company. I met Bill years ago he made some really nice scales back in the day.
  8. pttcat

    1960 Thriftway Too

    Robert read his post Tim will not ship it it's a pick up only.
  9. pttcat

    Wtb: 1/10Th Scale Modern Hydro

    Could you post some pictures of your boat.
  10. pttcat

    new lobster scale

    WOW I'm glad yours WILL run a lot better then the real one.Ive seen the real one try to run back in the day.
  11. pttcat


    back up for sale at a very good price sold,,thanks,,gary
  12. pttcat

    Miss Exide Scale

    How old is your scale
  13. pttcat

    Miss Exide Scale

    I might have something that you or anyone else. I have a R/C Boat Company SG 121 H 1/8 Scale with all the hardware.Strut, Turn fin motor mount. All I've done was started to prep the hull. This scale will make all the newer boats. Miss Oh Boy Oberto and so on. Will send pictures.
  14. pttcat

    WTB: Newton plans or frame sheet for Hawaii Kai hydro

    Just buy them.Hate to sell them behind David's back.
  15. pttcat

    1/8 scale hydro

    Boat is sold