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  1. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge

    Post #1 has been edited to show the new date of our race July 13 & 14, 2019. I will post motel information as soon as I have the rates, we have already blocked rooms. More info to follow.
  2. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge

    Pending approval from the Celina Parks Dept. we are looking at moving the race to July 13 & 14 one week before our original scheduled race. The motels have rooms available then.
  3. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge

    There is a christian conference that has all the rooms in a 50 mile radius booked. We are trying to figure out our next plan of action.
  4. The dates for the Celina Summer Challenge XXVIII are July 13 & 14, 2019. You can now enter on RaceMastersEvents . You can select to pay via paypal or mail in a check, but please register on racemastersevents.com. 2019 Celina Summer Challenge Final.pdf Motel information to follow when I have the rates.
  5. ggeiselman

    4 x 8 Trailer

    New price $900.00 OBO.
  6. ggeiselman

    Options for cordless starter

    This is the switch that I used on mine to reverse the starter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/30-Amp-Toggle-Switch-Polarity-Reversing-DC-Motor-Control-Maintained-28PR-MTD/401195895024?epid=5020400189&hash=item5d692388f0:g:aDAAAOSwzaJX9lfO:sc:USPSPriority!46805!US!-1
  7. ggeiselman

    Options for cordless starter

    You can use one of these adapters on a sullivan starter. http://www.afineredgemfg.com/
  8. ggeiselman

    1986 U-100 Boat

  9. ggeiselman

    1986 U-100 Boat

    I am looking for a picture of the 1986 U-100 "The Boat" picture. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Vision 3.5 with Nova Rossi Keep, Salisbury Pipe, Orlic .340 carb, KRE & OS needle, Proboat Cowl (needs minor repair), Also original vision cowl & radio box, all servos, Lawless Lower, Captain Vic Hi Jacker Mount, Shaft Oiler. $675.00 Shipped Lower 48 1st I'll take it. Boat is a very good runner. Lettering is just vinyl stickers.
  11. ggeiselman

    Techno Power 3.5 OB power head

    I looked and I think I sold it to a local club member.
  12. ggeiselman

    Techno Power 3.5 OB power head

    I'm still looking have a lot to go thru, I didn't start looking until someone ask about it should know tonight
  13. ggeiselman

    WoodStuff 36

    Boat is sold and shipped.