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  1. coolhotrods

    Crapshooter or 67/80 coyote?

    I'm not on facebook but if that boat is still available please pm me away to get ahold of the owner. Thanks Dustin
  2. coolhotrods

    Crapshooter or 67/80 coyote?

    If you ever wanted to sell that boat I would be interested. Love to have an older crapshooter. Dustin
  3. coolhotrods

    Boats For Sale

    Dave,I was told you had built that boat...The story on the Mutt is it about a 5 year old build. Ran as a nitro boat, probley 25 times. Mark Anderson laid this one up before Brian got the molds. The boat got taken apart for a repaint. When it was apart it got replaced with a new all Carbon Fiber boat that Brian B built. I was going to convert this one to fe but was gifted one that was already done. Dustin
  4. coolhotrods

    Boats For Sale

    Bringing this back to the top. Mutt 2 sport 40 hull will never be made again.... Lot of other good deals her. Thanks Dustin
  5. coolhotrods

    Boats For Sale

    Selling these for friends. Prices will be listed and freight not included. Any questions please ask.Thanks Dustin Reichel Paypal is admin@nwsignanddesign.com 1.Aquacraft vs1,great shape comes with everything pictured excluding OS lower as the skag got broke off.175.00 2.21 Eagle First gen, turn fin, motor mount,no hardware or servos. 75.00 needs to be sanded and recleared. 3. 45 Russel Rigger turn fin, ,strut, needs nose resheeted and painted. 125.00 4.67 Russel Rigger turn fin, strut, drive shaft, motor mount, needs paint. 175.00 5.21 tunnel told it was possible a Roach Craft? Well built, comes with tank, servos, just needs motor, one none trip will need repaired but rest of hull is perfect.175.00 6. Mutt 2 Sport 40 hull.... This boat was a nitro boat was going to convert to fe. Boat was stripped and has one coat of primer on it. Brand new cowl from Brian Buass Holes are still there for Hardware but can easily be filled. 475.00
  6. coolhotrods

    Raw 1655

    Sent funds this am with the ship too. Let me know. Dustin
  7. coolhotrods

    Raw 1655

    Alan,I'll take it. Let me know your paypal and I'll send funds this weekend. Dustin Reichel
  8. coolhotrods

    Kintec Racing

    Yes he did. There some info on off shore electrics. Dustin.
  9. coolhotrods

    Dinogy 6cell 5000mah 70c lipos for sale

    Best battery's I've ever ran ,not running the boat anymore I bought them for .Used twice, Properly broke in and stored. New there 149.00 a piece.250.00 for both packs. Shipped. Thanks Dustin
  10. coolhotrods

    Mutt II Sport 40 For Sale

    If that deal falls threw I'll take it..... That's my old boat... Dustin
  11. coolhotrods

    Dinogy 6cell 5000mah lipos for sale

    Selling my 4 month old Dinogly Graphene 2.0 5000 mah 70c lipos.... Going in a different direction project wise. Stored properly, used once in one test session. New there 150.00 a piece will take 125.00 plus freight.Two available... Thanks Dustin Reichel 509-993-6360
  12. coolhotrods

    ABC props

    If you want it race ready get ahold of Brian Buaas. Awesome work.....Dustin
  13. coolhotrods

    Looking For a Castle Ice Hydra Ice 240

    Bill, Won't work for my setup like I said in my pm back but thanks. Really need something with 200 plus amp continues capability. Thanks Dustin
  14. coolhotrods

    Looking For a Castle Ice Hydra Ice 240

    Would consider something else that's comparable.
  15. coolhotrods

    Looking For a Castle Ice Hydra Ice 240

    Still looking. Thanks