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  1. Jack ODonnell


    Who was the manufacture of the ( titan ) titanium rods ? J.
  2. Jack ODonnell


    Happy birthday Roger. Jack & Steve. OD.
  3. Jack ODonnell

    Happy Birthday

    A big happy birthday Mr. Charles ( the BOSS man ). Steve & Jack
  4. Jack ODonnell

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday. Mr. Quarles. Steve & Jack
  5. Jack ODonnell

    L/F O'Donnell 97T glow plugs

    David : Steve has them in stock. ( info@odonnellglowplugs.com ). J.
  6. Jack ODonnell


    Dave,Thats about the biggest bunch of crock I have ever read. All I can say is wow!!! You ever wonder why this engine (and other variations of this engine) owns sooo many world records? Unbelieveable public post. Someone made a negative public post about your new meter and you went ballistic on them. Then I read this post. Talk about double-standards. At the cost of 002 cents, someone overpaid. My advice was free. Oh well, play on..... . . . . I could not of said better myself. Spot on Ron! J.
  7. Jack ODonnell

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Tyler. Steve & Jack
  8. Jack ODonnell

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Will. Steve & Jack
  9. Jack ODonnell

    NR91 water jacket removal?

    Or sale it and buy a cmb . J.
  10. Jack ODonnell

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday M. Truex Jr. Steve & Jack
  11. Jack ODonnell

    RIP Joe Monohan 707

  12. Jack ODonnell

    Nova DD 21 Head bolt thread size

    3.5mm x .6
  13. Jack ODonnell

    Happy birthday Brian!

    Happy birthday Brian ! Steve & Jack
  14. Mr. Miller. Hi Lohring; Looking at the crankshaft, looks like you may have a problem with the inter race of the ball bearings sliding on the crankshaft. J.
  15. Jack ODonnell

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday. Andy Steve & Jack