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  1. Bob Blazer

    Mentoring Help anywhere near Mason, Ohio?

    You can also try the Cincinnati Model Boat Club better known as CMBC. We have a record setting lake for your use anytime that you want. You can call me @ 513 519 0133. Thanks Bob Blazer
  2. Bob Blazer

    Blazer Sport 20 Whiplash kit

    As far as the wood being straight---don't worry about that.
  3. A total of 8 records were set in electric and gas.
  4. Bob Blazer

    Rigger style hull in sport 40

    If you want to race a rigger then do so. If you want to race a 40 then do so. Do not change the rules. IMO
  5. Bob Blazer

    12th Annual Wine Run

    If is not too late save me a spot in line for the Bourbon Barrel Blackberry; Starlight Red; Vignoles; and the Traminette. I love racing!!!!
  6. Bob Blazer

    Blazer Marine

    Here you go there Brad. Bob Blazer 7058 Pickway Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45233 USA I am 70 years old blue eyes gray hair once brown about 5ft 10 inches weight is 165 lbs. married with 3 grown children. I will be more than happy to add anything else if needed.
  7. Bob Blazer

    Blazer Marine

    Ouch....Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks Bob
  8. Bob Blazer

    Silent engines.......Priscilla Tyndall

    Dick I am so sorry for your loss.
  9. Bob Blazer


    Thanks guys, I did.
  10. Bob Blazer

    Blazer Marine Sling Shot rigger

    Your boat is running really well, good job.
  11. Bob Blazer

    Happy Birthday Juice!

    Happy Birthday Mr Juice.
  12. Bob Blazer

    Blazer Marine Sling Shot rigger

    The inside diameter is 4 1/2 inches.
  13. Bob Blazer

    Marty Davis

    Happy Birthday Marty and thank you for all of your help when Brian and I first started in RC boats. You were very instrumental in pointing us in the right direction. Thanks.
  14. Bob Blazer

    Intlwaters Donation?

    I donated, now what about the rest of you tight asses.