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  1. We'll get you signed up and if you don't it we'll just scratch you out. Give us a name with the class so we can get you in the system. Doug
  2. Got about 1 more week to get signed up for the last race in D4. The annual Badger Turkey Shoot. See you at the race. Doug
  3. DPeterson

    Futaba 3PK-super

    Paypal sent.
  4. DPeterson

    Futaba 3PK-super

    I'll take it Lorenzo. Send me your paypal addy. Doug
  5. DPeterson


    I have a loaner Lauterbach. It's still competitive. I can bring it. Get signed up and let me know. Just a warning though - the last two times I loaned it out, I ended up running it over with my Insane TB. It is looking a little rough. Doug
  6. DPeterson

    Mendota flyer

    Who's running gas boats at Mendota??? Doug P. SS Mono, Sport Hydro and Thunderboat
  7. DPeterson

    Celina Summer Challenge XXVI

    Had a great time with a well run race and excellent site. Met some new guys and had some good competitive heats. Thanks to all. Doug
  8. DPeterson

    12th Annual Wine Run

    Sorry guys. Please pull me out of the lineup. Travel schedule for work doesn't match up well enough for me to attend. Doug Peterson
  9. DPeterson


    Jeff said he is putting up a sales booth at the party. He will have all sorts of memorabilia for sale. Doug
  10. DPeterson


    Jeff C is bringing some special T-Shirts for the event. If interested in one text him your size.
  11. DPeterson


    Chad - I didn't have any fun at all at the last party. I will be expecting something special for the next one. Doug
  12. Slowly but surely were getting more nitro signups. We'll need to get Al Lira on RC Groups (Duke). I am told a couple more Pruesses will be coming. Where's Fred Uftring? Where's Al Archer? Who else we missing? Where's all the 1/8 scale nitro. A year ago we had like 8 in the district. Sunday night cut off for the class list so we can get the awards ordered. See you at the races. Doug
  13. Grim - Is Big Bryon planning on coming? I got a question for him. Doug
  14. Looks like my travel plans did not develop. I will not be in the area. Thanks - Doug
  15. Special ordered the thick cut pork chops today for pickup July 3rd. They'll be marinating July 4th and 5th. Going to be something special from Wisconsin. Where's the nitro signups. Get signed up. Let your racing buddies no in advance you are coming. You can always bail later - nothing to lose. Doug