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  1. Mike Nowicki

    SpeedWeek 2019

    Looks really nice on the water!! Great job driving Donna!!
  2. Mike Nowicki

    Bocca Bearing Product Number for MAC 21 Bearings

    Mike I would also like a set. See you at the Record Trials Thanks
  3. Mike Nowicki

    LF Drum for EXR .45 Bluehead Picco (Older Model)

    I have a used one in great shape with an OS carb with an OS 3rd channel needle on the carb. 50 bucks + shipping without carb 100 bucks shipped with carb Lower 48 only Thanks
  4. Mike Nowicki

    District 2 Challenge

    Mike A Hydro DSM Thanks Mike
  5. Mike Nowicki

    SpeedWeek 2018

    Great job Martin!! That's an awesome speed for a 12!
  6. Mike Nowicki

    2017 District 2 Challenge

    Mike Please enter me with A hydro. DSM Thanks Mike
  7. Mike Nowicki

    2017 Hydrofest, August 6 Burton MI

    Jim Please put me in for A Hydro. DSM Thanks
  8. First time racing at the MCMBC and had a GREAT time. People and food were awesome !! Glenn nice to finally meet ya and hope you enjoy your stay in Michigan Mike
  9. Mike Nowicki

    .40 SAW Hydro

    David, Mark did the post for me. It's a one-off that I built. Thanks for looking.
  10. Mike Nowicki

    Happy Birthday Ron Jefferson

    Happy Birthday fast guy!! See ya after the thaw!
  11. I believe Terry was saying that it was the average speed of the single pass. Going in below 132 coming out above 132.
  12. Mike Nowicki

    .40 SAW Hydro

    David The tub is 3-1/4 wide and 30 inches long. 3# 8oz as pictured Thanks for looking Mike
  13. Mike Nowicki

    Happy B-DAY Mark

    Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you get some testing in with this good weather we are having
  14. Mike Nowicki

    SpeedWeek @ Blue Lake is back!

    Great job Glenn. That thing is really moving. WOW!! Mike
  15. Mike Nowicki

    D2's Thread Lake - Major improvements.

    Robert. Thanks but I think you have me mixed-up with Mike Betke Mike