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  1. Tom Foley

    RC Racing events

    Thanks Andy , duly noted and link saved !
  2. Tom Foley

    RC Racing events

    Just went to the page and did not see the January Brandon Nitro race listed any longer ? Also not listed on the Namba district 3 page ? Any info on this race or the March Brandon race would be appreciated .
  3. Any dates for the March race ? trying to plan . Thanks !
  4. Tom Foley

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    You guys all do a very nice job on these tanks ! Thanks for sharing . The ones I made work good but don't look anything like Walts , Johns or Mikes , or Steve Ball's tanks ! Good informative stuff !
  5. Tom Foley

    .67 spraybar hole .

    Putting a boat together and going through engines and noticed a wide variation in spraybar hole sizes . . My Mac carbs have a much smaller hole than CMB and honestly I can't remember if I drilled the CMB or it came that way . Findings ? Thanks in advance for all replies .
  6. Tom Foley

    CMB 67 Bolt Pattern

    I'm seeing 2.042 " definitely not 2.0"
  7. Tom Foley

    CMB 67 HR Green Head

    OK I'll take it Tim . I can just get it from you at the race . LMK about payment Thanks , Tom .
  8. Steve I'll take it . I can pay you now and can you bring it to FL with you ? Thanks .
  9. Tom Foley

    CMB 67 HR Green Head

    How are the bearings Tim ? Is it possible to get a look into the intake side of the engine ? Thanks bud .
  10. Tom Foley

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    Std. K& S tubing , heat dull red and quench to anneal . Rub outside with red scotchbrite pad to clean . now you can form the tube easily .
  11. Tom Foley

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Yeah I can't imagine how they will mess up your house , shop etc .
  12. Tom Foley

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Looking for a re match and not hitting a friggin turtle heading toward the start in the final like last year !! It will be good to see you my friend . Glad you survived the Quake of 18' !!
  13. Tom Foley

    Delrin question.

    This , it will insure nice tight threads ,
  14. Tom Foley

    F/S Outrigger

    That is a Coyote Daytona built by Don Pinckert .
  15. Tom Foley

    Shipping a Trailer

    Was thinking the same thing !!