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  1. Tom Foley

    Vac 91 head clearance??

    Mine are running nice @.013 , just showing chamber shape on tops of the pistons so don't go much tighter lol .
  2. Tom Foley

    OS 77 VRM Crankcase , bottom end

    Super clean OS 77 bottom end including flex cable adapter . Super clean , no rust , good bearings . No sleeve , piston or car . . $ 75.00 plus shipping post here please .
  3. Tom Foley

    Novarossi DD 21

    I'll take it , sold . Thanks
  4. Tom Foley

    Engine observation and question

    Take a look at the new Novarossi and CMB cylinders that are using a 3 port exhaust port . As far as the large radius transfer passageways there is some straight area in the cases yes . I imagine size and volume are considerations . As far as being basically the same ...yes they still burn Nitro !!
  5. Tom Foley

    Dumas SK Daddle 36" Frames Diagram

    Had a friend with an OPS 67 in one back in 1980 , pretty much undrivable in anything but glass !! Great looking boats .
  6. Tom Foley

    March Brandon race

    Can't wait !!
  7. Tom Foley

    WTB- Header/Pipe For CMB 90 EVO II

    Let me look I know I have a pipe for sure .
  8. Tom Foley

    21 Roadrunner

    It is !
  9. People are still in recovery from this . Results may be on RCRacing events.com
  10. The Chili was a nice addition !
  11. Awesome time with great people as usual . I will always attend this race for the great atmosphere and competition . Met several new people and had a blast . Thanks to the clubs that put the race on , always appreciated .
  12. Great day today with awesome warming weather and decreasing wind . some great people having fun with boats . Full metal jacket tomorrow as this great race unfolds . See everyone at 5 AM !!
  13. See you in the morning buddy !!
  14. Thanks Mark , we'll give it all we've got for sure !
  15. Nice Brad , look forward to meeting you ! I had a nice surprise at my shop today when Doc Turner , Mark Bullard and Bob Londress stopped by for a visit . Thanks guys that made my day !! See you in the AM