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  1. Charles Perdue


    This subject comes up ever so often and needs to be revisited for the newer boaters. It is like everything else, there are many opinions and many different ways to do the same thing. When this happens, I try to keep the system as simple and reliable as possible for me. I have all of the different mics and measuring tools to do this job, still I use a product called "Plastigage". It can be purchased at a very reasonable price at most automotive parts stores. It is simply a very precise soft plastic thread that you cut off a short piece, place it on top of the piston between the head and piston. Torque the head down to your specs. Then rotate the engine over one time, remove the head and measure the width of the flattened plastic thread and compare it to the scale printed on the paper that the plastigage came in. This is a very exact measurement that can be used with any piston crown shape whether tapered or dished and any squish shape on the head. This to will help if you are using graduated squish angles. It can also give you the exact squish angle between the two. The Plastigage comes in different sizes to measure different clearances. These different sizes are color coded as to which thickness range that you want to measure. Just my way of doing this procedure, Charles
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    Delrin question.

  3. Charles Perdue

    Broken Rod

    Judging from the wear marks on the piston and where the cracks are occuring in the rods, you have a crankshaft pin that is not square to the cylinder bore (like the end of the crank pin being tilted down when the crank pin position is at top-dead-center). It is trying to rock the piston front to back in the sleeve, in line with the crankshaft center. Since it cannot do this it is flexing the rod near the big end causing it to crack. If you keep putting in more rods without changing the crankshaft you will keep breaking the rods. Also from the severe wear pattern on the piston, you are not getting the performance from this engine that it is capable of because of excessive drag between the piston and cylinder wall caused by this same condition. Just my 3 cents worth ( It was 2 cents before but we have inflation to compensate for) Charles
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    4032 aluminum bar stock

    Jack, give me a call.... Charles
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    Message to Members

    Happy Birthday Mr. Aaron from up here to down under.....Have many more good ones. Charles
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    Happy birthday Mark Sholund

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mark, may you have many more happy and healthy ones. Charles
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    Picco .45 EXR Blue Head package deal

    I will offer $425.00 shipped. Thanks, Charles
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    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys, any day above ground in decent health is a good one....
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    Happy Birthday Scott Bouchie

    Happy Birthday Mr. Scott. Charles
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    Happy Birthday Rodney

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rodney, may you have many more healthy ones.... Charles
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Will and Mikey
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    Happy Birthday Joe Monahan

    Happy birthday you old coot. May you have many more....and I hope you never die, then people cannot say that I am the ugliest guy in this world... Charles
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday you "OLD FART" Hope you have many more healthy ones But to be sure, use a healthy dose of "OLD CARD TABLE". Just for medicinal purposes....It is good for everything that ails you...
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    No news is good news....
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    CMB vac zoom carb

    Mr. Richard, if you will send me the carb and your backplate, I will match them for you. Charles PS: Tim, that is Perdue (the little shots) not Purdue (the big shots)