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  1. Charles Perdue

    Happy birthday Mark Sholund

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mark, may you have many more happy and healthy ones. Charles
  2. Charles Perdue

    Picco .45 EXR Blue Head package deal

    I will offer $425.00 shipped. Thanks, Charles
  3. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys, any day above ground in decent health is a good one....
  4. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday Scott Bouchie

    Happy Birthday Mr. Scott. Charles
  5. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday Rodney

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rodney, may you have many more healthy ones.... Charles
  6. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Will and Mikey
  7. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday Joe Monahan

    Happy birthday you old coot. May you have many more....and I hope you never die, then people cannot say that I am the ugliest guy in this world... Charles
  8. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday you "OLD FART" Hope you have many more healthy ones But to be sure, use a healthy dose of "OLD CARD TABLE". Just for medicinal purposes....It is good for everything that ails you...
  9. Charles Perdue


    No news is good news....
  10. Charles Perdue

    CMB vac zoom carb

    Mr. Richard, if you will send me the carb and your backplate, I will match them for you. Charles PS: Tim, that is Perdue (the little shots) not Purdue (the big shots)
  11. Charles Perdue

    Happy Birthday Jim Allen

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jim Allen.........
  12. Charles Perdue

    Mr. Henry Velasco

    Happy Birthday Mr. Henry. I have finally found someone older than I am May you have many more healthy ones. Charles
  13. Charles Perdue

    Why Air Density Is Important In Engine Tuning.

    A neat web site to check for weather conditions is: airdensityonline.com/tracks This site give all of the updated information that you need to adjust for weather conditions. Just find a raceway near the lake where you are running and look it up. Several handy calculators are also included on their site. This is just one way that I found, I am sure that there are many other places to get the weather information if you do not have a weather meter, airports is one Charles
  14. Charles Perdue

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mark, may you have many more healthy ones. Charles
  15. Charles Perdue


    I am in. Tom and International Waters deserves our support and recognition. This site does more to help the RC boating hobby than anything else that I know of. It does this by giving us a place to get together, learn, share ideas and experiences with our fellow boaters. Sometimes we get a little carried away in our enthusiasm.... but all is well. If it were any better, the government would require Tom to post a label warning that it was habit forming. Thanks for everything. Charles