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  1. FloridaScaleBoater

    2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship

    Expect nothing less from you Tom, See ya Thursday AM
  2. FloridaScaleBoater

    SpeedWeek 2019

    So you will be down from Michigan? Will you be there for the whole week?
  3. FloridaScaleBoater

    CMB 45s

    David, Do you know if the newer EVO style engine parts will fit in this older engine?
  4. FloridaScaleBoater

    WTB Futaba 3 ch Fasst TX

    Mic, Take a look over on Jims. https://jrcbd.com/forum/showthread.php?19807-FS-Futaba-receivers-and-3PM
  5. FloridaScaleBoater

    2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship

    Who's coming down with you Brad?
  6. FloridaScaleBoater

    Which race to attend???

    Fall Nat's, Charleston South Carolina October 11-12-13 IMPBA Nitro National's US1 format Huntsville Alabama (a week long event) Indy Clock Tower race (if it's going to happen this year) Ask Stu Barr
  7. FloridaScaleBoater

    Silant Engines

    I thought the same thing when I read Jerry's post this afternoon. Jerry has been around for awhile and was doing some pretty incredible stuff at a very young age.
  8. FloridaScaleBoater

    Hopper tanks

    Those are the Irwin Tanks
  9. FloridaScaleBoater

    Possibly a new race???

    Justin, Years ago,,, back when Florida was IMPBA, there was a Naples club that had the last race of the year on that weekend. It was a double points race. unfortunately I never made that race. Those who did said it was always a good race. Oh yeh, the lake was in a cow pasture,,,, and you had to watch out for Cow Patties
  10. FloridaScaleBoater

    "Trim the Fleet" sale

    It's on its way to you, thank you You've sent $40.00 to davidh144@aol.com
  11. FloridaScaleBoater

    "Trim the Fleet" sale

    Hey Dave, Confirming I will take: G8 The Futaba S3305 from your first Trim The Fleet Sale $20.00 also will take GA24 from sale 3, Unknown nitro pipe 3.5 or 7.5 for $20.00 Please confirm payment amount and your PAYPAL address and we'll get this taken care of. Thank you
  12. FloridaScaleBoater

    "Trim the Fleet" sale

    Will make a commitment before lunch today, Waiting to hear back from my racing partner
  13. FloridaScaleBoater

    "Trim the Fleet" sale

    Roger that. Holding tight
  14. FloridaScaleBoater

    Hopper tanks

    I like hopper tanks in everything if I can. Ensures you have good fuel flow to the engine. When the main tank gets low, the fuel may slosh away from the pick-up causing an air bubble to be sucked through the line.
  15. FloridaScaleBoater

    "Trim the Fleet" sale

    If you could get me an answer on the pipe diameter from you other for sale listing, I'd prolly take that also. I'll hold off on paying till I hear back from you, OK