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  1. Steve Seebold


    I have lots of ideas for new hardware and those of you who have bought stuff from me know the quality of the stuff I make and the warranty I put on my running gear. Up to now, I have been concentrating on running gear exclusively for gas monos, but now I have some ideas for some running gear for hydros, cats, riggers, crackerboxes and Jersey speed skiffs. and I’ll put the same warranty on the new stuff that I put on my mono stuff. if your product fails due to defective workmanship or material, I will replace, repair it or refund your money. YOUR CHOICE. I’ve been told the some people over on Jims Boat Dock want my outdrive because with minimum modifications it will work well with the twin engines. I know my stuff is expensive but quality costs money. What I need help with is getting back on Jim’s Boat Dock. I was kicked off about 10 years ago but no one will tell me why. I’m even thinking if I can’t get my stuff back on the Dock, I might discontinue the entire line and just do stuff for myself or local clubs. Let’s see what happens.
  2. Steve Seebold

    7.5 Hi-Jack Outboard Mounts

    Beautiful work Capt. Vic.
  3. Steve Seebold


    The first ones will be for gas monos. I need to get a gas tunnel so I can get an idea of what a drive for those should look like. If I do end up making something “similar” to the Insane drive, I don’t think it will be anywhere even close to the $500.00 they charge. When I get the drives done, I want to start on some running gear for hydros, riggers Jersey Skiffs and cats.
  4. Steve Seebold


    As I get drives finished I’ll post pictures.
  5. Steve Seebold


    His outdrives have been unavailable for a long time. I need one for a twin I’m starting on. Anybody have one for sale? Just kidding. I make the drives Ron sells but I’ve been so damned sick with cardiac issues this year that I haven’t even turned the machine on. I have had 2 heart attacks this year and I was almost on my death bed, then on October 2nd, I got a new 3 lead pacemaker with a defibrillator implanted and now, I feel better every day. I have material in the shop all cut up to start making 100 new drives. The name of my business is “MID DAY MACHINING” because I seldom start work before 11:00 AM and I’m finished between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. I’m thinking it’s going to take me a total of about 45 minutes to an hour per drive to complete one so I’m looking at 4 to 5 weeks to get 100 units done. If I had a more powerful machine I could do them faster, but as my dad used to say, “IF A BULLFROG HAD WINGS IT WOULD’T BUMP ITS ASS WHEN IT JUMPED”. I’ll do the best I can without killing myself.
  6. Steve Seebold

    Rudder Pins?

    I use 3/16x1 1/4 inch stainless steel dowel pins that I get from McMaster. https://www.mcmaster.com/90145A512 They’re about $9.25 for a box of 20 pins.
  7. Steve Seebold


    I got released by my pacemaker doctor yesterday so now I can get back out in the shop/garage and start making parts again. I have felt so crappy up to the time I got my new pacemaker put in that I haven’t even turned the machine on since about last January. Now, I feel like I could take on the world. Im going to spend the rest of this week cleaning up and putting stuff away, then next week I have 100 out drives and 35 balancers to get started on. And I’ve got some ideas for some cool nitro and electric stuff too. I’ll post pictures and videos here as I make progress.
  8. Steve Seebold

    Delrin question.

    How are you going to hold it in the boat? I’ve meve heard of a product called Delron. I know of “DELRIN” and you can’t even successfully glue that together with crazy glue.
  9. Steve Seebold


    Pm your address to me. Unless you’re close enough to pick it up. I’m in San Clemente CA
  10. Steve Seebold


    Which Tee-Bar would you like? The straight one or the curvy one? Gas bag mount too?
  11. Steve Seebold


    I have 2 Tee-Bars with up/down and side to side adjustment and 2 gas bag mounts. I just need to know where to send them.
  12. Steve Seebold

    Shipping a Trailer

    When I bought my Chevy Colorado, it came from Rogers Minnesota to my front door in San Clemente CA in about 3 days and it only cost $700.00
  13. Steve Seebold

    LTB 3/4 hp, 115v motir

    I have a 2hp 110 volt motor that came off my air compressor. If you want to pay the shipping on it, you can have it. Or, if you live close enough, just come by and pick it up. It has been just sitting on n a shelf for about 4 years. I’ll be glad to have it gone.
  14. Steve Seebold

    My toy came today

    That’s cool. I’m jealous. Here’s what’s in my garage.
  15. Steve Seebold

    FS Futaba 3PM MX

    92672 If youll PM me your address, Ill get a money order out tomorrow.