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  1. TomMason

    o.s.Max 65 drum valve parts

    mark, I sent you a message a few days ago...
  2. TomMason

    OPS 67 & 80 PARTS

    are these still available and is the motor complete plus parts?
  3. TomMason

    o.s.Max 65 drum valve parts

    looking for any parts for o.s.max 65 drum valve engine. P/L , con rod, head shims etc. Tia
  4. TomMason

    WTB Futaba 3 ch Fasst TX

    did you ever get a 3PM transmitter?
  5. TomMason

    Prop Box For Sale

    Do you make these and sell them!
  6. TomMason

    Rcboatcompany Sg110h hull kit with hardware(sold)

    No . Decided to build a wood scale and this one needs to go to a new home..
  7. For sale is a Rcboatcompany sg110h hull kit with Accutech hardware. $775.00 PLUS SHIPPING to lower 48 states .